Randy Lee / Press

“...Randy Lee started the set off with a love song about his children. Throughout the rest of the set he entertained the audience with childhood memories of bicycles, brothers, and sons. His little ditty about meeting his wife, who happens to be a Human Resource manager, was also cute and lively.”

“Randy Lee is the new voice of the South. Whether he is singing with pain about personal loss or reaching out with a message about his powerful personal beliefs, this is a voice that commands attention. Raspy harmonic tones accompanied by a lonely, angry sounding acoustic guitar - it's possible to forget that Lee's music is all about the lyrical content. Each time I have seen him play, my only disappointment has been that the situation limits his performance to a small number of songs. While I take solace in knowing that there will be more coming from Lee, my concern is I won't be around to enjoy it. Frankly I wish someone would give this man a recording contract and take him main stream. It may sound insane, coming from a music critic, but it is this reporter's opinion that this is a voice that could change this world.. ...One lyric at a time. ...One heart at a time.”

“...Lee's song "The Real Johnny Cash" caught me by surprise. His "Had Enough" rocked the house and may be the one that puts him on the map.”

“...Randy is cool as the other side of the pillow and he doesn't even know it.”