Randy Bigness / Press

“bluesy tunes echoed throughout the soul of everyone who stood before the stage”

Paul Smeltz - The Forwarding Arts Society

“Legendary voice of Ron Richardson of "The Coasters" and "The Drifters." Randy Bigness, winner of 3 Billboard Song Contest awards in 2004.”

Pocono Record

"Everything I have ever heard about Randy and his music has been very positive, a true performer"

JT Carter - The Crests - Quote

“Randy captivates the audience right from the start. He is one of these artists that “belong” on the stage. The stage is his home, where he feels comfortable and delivers the best of his heart and soul. This is what “real” is about. This is the power of true good music, true good entertainmen”

Franco Sattamini - Mackie Muscle Car - Press

"Randy has an amazing love of music. Composing, singing, playing his guitar, and producing music in the studio. His very fine singing and playing can only be described as “LOVE”. He displays a kind of gentleness and hospitality, some might call it, “HEART” "

“Randy is a very talented performer. When he plays his guitar and sings, he sets his own irresistible groove, and tempo. This applies also to whether he is performing his many original songs, or songs written by others. ”

Clem Moorman (World Class Actor/Entertainer) - Sonic Bids

“The first of these musicians were Randy Bigness*on Guitar and Harmonica with Skip Detrick* on percussion. His bluesy rendition of many popular songs brought a new depth to the pieces he performed which included those composed by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.”

Paul Adam Smeltz - The Forwarding Music Group