Random aka Mega Ran / Press

"Random picks can win...The Call is the Powerball of hip-hop"

The Catalyst

"Random's proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy, freestyling and, well, pretty much any other way you can measure an MC."

"Random is dreaming of is a world in which "keeping it real" comes to mean rapping about real life, and not just bragging about how much time you've spent in prison, or how many people you've shot."

“It may be a little early to declare an Album of the Year for Hip-Hop, but (Black Materia) is certainly a vibrant and unique candidate already.”

“some of the most original music to come out of the Valley in years, hip-hop or otherwise.”

"I'm able to get some pretty good support on both sides . . . which is great," said Jarbo, embracing the conscious and nerd rapper labels. "It's like we're in the virtual cafeteria - there's the cool table and the nerd table and I kind of sit in the middle. I really appreciate that I bring those guys together and we can all listen to some good music and have fun."

"If there is something Random doesn’t want to be, it’s just another rapper–and believe me, he is anything but."

“as good as anything else that is coming out right now and definitely more believable.”

"This CD is full of gems and for those that like their music with a healthy dose of substance, reality, creativity, and depth, [The 8th Day] is a MUST."

"Random is more cohesive than his name suggests, seek and find one of the best rappers of the early 21st century."

John Book - The Run Off Groove

"Original and Refreshing...nice heavy cadence."

Black Thought, The Roots

“Random is remarkably comfortable on the mic, and accomplishes the lofty goal that so many so-called hip hop concept records never seem to achieve- he sticks to the topic completely for the entire record!”


“Over the years I've reviewed some good and some great Rap projects, but none have been as significant as this one.”

Gian Fiero - The Muses Muse

"I honestly believe that Random's The Call represents another brilliant innovation in the world of hip-hop."


"Random is a dope emcee...He's a natural on the mic and is not afraid to address whatever's on his mind."