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“Russo is one talented performer. And Fragile Animal is one of those indie gems you’ll immediately want to spread the word about.”

“radiant and magical… Fragile is Russo’s stunning tour de force.”

“the album presents ten richly layered, melodic rock songs mixing literate, attentively crafted singer-songwriter fare with occasional touches of garage-rock edginess and NYC chug.”

“an eclectic batch of lively tunes... [from] a new favorite no-nonsense female vocalist with a sweetly satisfying ear for pop songcraft.”

“It's only a matter of time before Randi Russo becomes--at the very least--an underground sensation. ...Her cool, slightly fragile vocal melodies are perfectly counterbalanced by some wonderfully subtle yet strangely haunting arrangements. This is a girl who has it all. She writes incredible songs...comes up with smart personal lyrics...has a totally cool understated voice...and knows how to put all the pieces together with her own personal trademarks. ...Animal is nothing less than a modern classic.”

“Fragile Animal is a godsend. Pay attention to Randi Russo, not Lady Gaga!”

“While it’s never wise to assume that an album released so early in the year will beat out everything else that appears between now and December, it’s going to take a miracle to surpass this one. Welcome to the best album of 2011, so far.”

“'Fragile Animal' is an exceptional work of songwriting, musicianship, and lyrical performance.”

"Randi's someone to keep your eye on. ...her guitar playing is sweet when it needs to be, but nasty in all the right places. All she needs is one gig opening for somebody like Cat Power, and her fame is pretty much guaranteed."

Amy Phillips - The Village Voice

"sweet, resilient voice... honest, provocative lyrics and dexterous, uniquely-chorded guitar playing. ...hauntingly beautiful...and 'Ceiling Fire' is simply heavenly."

“Akin to wordsmiths Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, Russo emerges as a seer, sage, and soothsayer -- sometimes all in the span of one song. Highly recommended..."”

"guitar goddess"

Amy Phillips - The Village Voice

"With Shout Like A Lady, Russo has proven to be a commanding presence who could probably conquer the world wielding her quick wit and upside-down guitar."

"Randi Russo is creating music in her own cool little niche, without ever sounding very similar to the massive tidal wave of underground artists that currently flood our planet. ...Exceptional vocals throughout and the lyrics are particularly appealing. (Rating: 5+ - out of 6)"

"a whole lot of balls and artistry... The intensity of her sound is something to be heard."

Venus Zine

"In a music industry still sadly dominated by men & soft porn princesses, we need every gtr [sic] touting, rocking sister we can get. Randi Russo deserves your attention -- immediately."

"Randi Russo is a rock and roll poetess in the rough."

Andrew Aber - The Village Voice

"lyrical bite and guitar growl in abundance, ...she maintains a confidence and poise throughout that only echoes the fact that her approach is largely at variance with the current talents in her genre."

"Russo is both visceral and haunting, balancing a pained vulnerability with a determined self-confidence. ...a talent that promises to deliver more than a few highlights in the future."

Skyscraper Magazine