Rand Berke / Press

“Rand Berke is the master of melodic mysteries; the crafter of off kilter confections, and he writes some darn pretty tunes.”

"Wondering" is an A-side single in my humble opinion. As fine a tune as I've ever had the pleasure to perform. Thanks, Rand.

Charlie Anderson - Personal Perspectives

“Awesome, Rand! So happy to be able to have your great songs in my collection.”

Kathleen Lundquist - personal notes

"You sounded great and happy to have you in the theatre."

“He’s subtly bluesy, and his throwback acoustic roots music is unconventional and cool."”

“Listened to your music on facebook, the thing I like about it is you are original which is important to stand out in a sea of musicians.”

“Rand Berke from out west reminds me of Woody and Towne rolled into one songwriter. I like his music and his command of performance. A truly seasoned veteran.”

Douglas Dickens - Showcase of Independent Artists

“If you have not heard of Rand Berke, it will not be long till you will. With a soulful voice... he sings with conviction not found with many artists today. His soaring vocals will take you and suck you into the story and feeling of his great songs.”

Jeff Newberry - Bend PM.com