Randall Clay / Press

"To me, Randall is the modern man's "Man in Black." Themes of trial, tribulation, sorrow, justice, & redmemption course through his life and music. While he "walks the line" for his steadfast love, Trish, he bears an outlaw image as much for his love of amber liquor as for his dark somber songs that don't wash down easy with the factory cookie cutters over on Music Row. Well, fifty years ago, Music Row didn't know what to do with Johnny either...or Waylon, or Willie for that matter. Granted, Randall's likely not your next flash in the pan, Top 40 country "star," stuffed into tight assed Wranglers and sporting a cosmetically beat up John Deere hat supplied by the record label's stylist. But with Randall Clay, we may very well be listening to the next great American icon"

Cheley Tackett (artist / songwriter)

"Randall Clay is the voice of a new generation of country music. His songs were born on the edge of darkness, raised on the cliffs of despair, and live in the deepest underground caverns of your mind. His singing voice rings with a deep baritone sound that haunts your soul long after the lights go out and the doors are locked. "

Jason Charles Miller (artist / songwriter)

"So you want "real" . You wanna feel something ? You wanna say "I'm sorry" but not promise that it won't happen again. You want sex , drugs , rock and roll and country ? Pour a drink, light a candle ,kick back, close your eyes, hold your lovers hand ... And put on some Randall Clay."

Mark Stephen Jones (songwriter)

"His writing and his performance mimics who he really is...bold and real...dark matter and redemption"

Blue Foley (songwriter)

"Randall's music is beautifully tragic. It's like Bukowski put to music. Real songs about real life. He is truly a songwriter's songwriter"

George Robinson

"Randall Clay is the monster under the bed of country music."

Al Detrolio (songwriter)

"Randall Clay will either be dead or in the songwriter's hall of fame by the age of 40. Either way, people will wish they'd treated him better."

CJ Watson (songwriter, author)

"His command of the language is devastating"

Bart Herbison (NSAI)