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"Randy Black has done more for his career through constant focus, fan appreciation, and pure talent. I admire his work ethic , excited to work with Randy!"

"Not only is Randy an amazing artist, but I think he's truly talented all the way around! He has a passion for his music and you can hear it just by listening! Sets him apart from the so called part time artist. He also photographs well and can even model! He has that dapper professional look! I've come to know Randy for years and I def support his craft! And did I mention he can also act!! I've worked with Randy on the set of Jarreau's music video and he was a natural!! Glad to see you grow so much over the years! Def looking forward to your new projects!"

"When you have ideas, creativity and work ethic like my mans Blacc. You get a hell-of-an artist that gives you his life on wax. That's rare now-a-days."

"When a poet, artist or musician digs himself into a hole, he doesn't climb out. He digs deeper, enjoys the scenery, and comes out the other side enlightened. Randy has that ability to enlighten everybody he touches & encounters. He only ask of those that are willing to dig deeper into their craft & soul. Working with Randy made me dig deeper into my craft. I will forever be grateful for that. I look forward to each project that he comes out with. We'll definitely be making more noise in 2015. So keep your eyes & ears open for it."

"Randy Black an exceptional talent with an exceptional work ethic very rare these days. See you at the top and helping you get there buddy!"

"Gots nothing but love & great things to say about Ran Blacc. He's a very Talented Music Artist and a Handsome Model & a great photographer he has so much passion for all his work .. U are truly Blessed .. Keep Pushing Forward Always!"

"I've known Ran Blacc since his UNLV football days and I can tell you he is 100% Ran Blacc all the time. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, which is evident by him still being UNLVs #4 all time leader in career tackles. Randy has always supported my Unlv apparel store and has shown up at events and promotions when he had other obligations and for that, I can't thank him enough. The Rebel Den supports Ran Blacc and his Crown Republik artists and his movement."

"Blacc's one of the few artists I've worked with that I enjoyed each and every session... He puts alot of work into each song!"

"You think of a role model as someone you can look up to, does the right thing, gives back to the community and takes care of their responsibilities. I just described Randy Black. My little brother is one of the most talented and giving people I know. Whether is taking care of his beautifully talented daughter, founding and helping produce star athletes in the classroom first then on the field through Black and Blue or creating that Crown Republik sound and giving other artists the opportunity to display their talents, Randy does it all. His intensity in life matches the intensity he showed on the football field being one of the greatest Runnin' Rebel athletes in the history of UNLV. I always say don't forget where you come from and Randy never forgets that as this country born city raised talent continues to leave an impression on everyone and everything that he touches."

"When you hear "Jack Of All Trades" you will never learn the true meaning of that expression, until you meet with or work with Randy, his Talents are forever expanding"

"S/O my Brobro Ran Blacc... Real King! Salute the movement Crown Republik, Grown man wave.. Lets make history again like the partys in Vegas!!"

"Ran Blacc!!! An awesome entrepreneur on the grind whose easy on the ears AND eyes!!! Definitely someone I'd like to have on my team because the guy knows how to use his knowledge about business and music to extreme lengths. The man is a professional individual with many roles, AND his handsome looks are an added bonus!! ;)"

"I'm a big dreamer. When I see others dream I get a certain feeling because I can relate. When dreaming, sometimes you can come off odd to others. People say they want things, but don't have the dream. I'll never forget waking up and logging into FB and the first thing I saw was my man Ran Blacc dressed, on his way to work making a videos about his vision. It had to be 6am. In my opinion only a small amount of people know how to dream this hard. Dreaming this hard will have u in a meeting thinking how did I get here?? From that point on there's no doubt this guy is SERIOUS!!!!!! I always admire big dreamers because anything can happen..."

"Much props to my boy Ran Blacc! He is doing his thing fo reals. Be sure to peep out my personal favorite track "I Been Thinkin"

"Working with Ran Blacc has been dope, the man has many creative ideas he brings to the table each time we prepare his next campaign; his versatile music style allows for him to vigorously knock out multiple projects at a time, which has resulted in me having an imprint on this man's discography. An all around honest and ambitious dude, the type with integrity and a determined work ethic. I wouldn't doubt this man for a second, Ran Blacc is A1 in my book!"

"One thing that I can say about Ran Blacc is that he truly is about his grind. A multi talented business man that is not hard to look at either ladies. Make sure to check my boy out!!!! Don't forget to also check out our Rowdoggs entertainment page on face book too!"

"Randy Black is a amazing artist with a smooth seductive voice and a sex appeal that reminds me of candlelight and black satin sheets!"

"Who?? R. Black yeah Im feeling his music! I think its a different style to the game. I like to tell him to keep rocking and REAL hip hoppers are feeling your style!! Much love and success!! ! #CrownRepublik #RebelNation

"Ran Blacc's dedication and drive for his own personal craft and company Crown Republik is rarely matched in the independent Hip Hop world. His professional approach and business presence speaks for itself."

“It’s a pleasure to meet you here on RN. Thank you very much for becoming a fan which is encouraging and thoughtful. It is great to see fellow artists supporting each other. Your music is GREAT……..keep up the excellent work and never lose the dream. I wish you success in your music and peace to you and all who surround you. ”

JP Yonelunas - Reverbnation.com

“Great tunes Blacc! I would like to add them to NewTribeZ Radio’s Playlist! Sent you a link in your inbox.”

New TribeZ Radio - Reverbnation.com

"I like your style. Confident but not Stuck up or Unapproachable. Coolness with a lil Swag. Sexy. Athletic."

Nicole Haskins - Facebook.com

"What goes up must come down.Your sound is one of the best around. If you dont know what your doing ,I dont know either. All I know is im a believer in you as an achiever. Much respect. Stay in touch."

The Lord Of Lighting - Reverbnation.com

“I really want to know if he's going to make it over to the UK for a show or concert? I'd like to see his sexiness in person!! :0)”

Jasmin Calle - Twitter.com

"They say he's 35, I cant tell. Love his style, look, charm, and his music. I wont be surprised when he blows, he's got that "it" thing. Im not sure exactly what it is but I cant help but to keep listening and following his movement. I wish him all the best! xoxo"

Molly Hoban - Twitter Interview

"Ur music is dope bro. Sorry I took so long to see this n get back to u. I went and liked you FB page, I'm like #1718. Which is perfect cuz that's the Bklyn area code. SALUTE!

Ar'Braf - Facebook.com

“Good Morning You Guys!!! I must say I am really enjoying the Ran Blacc / Crown Republik movement! Very excited to shoot with Blacc, I think we'll come out with some awesome prints, plus the music keeps getting better and better. Best wishes & much success! See you guys soon!”

Daniella English - twitter.com

“I just wanted to drop by and thank you for becoming a fan. Every fan is special to me and it definitely humbles me that you took the time to listen to me. Thank you, keep making great music fam. ”

Donnie Kennz - Reverbnation.com

"Listening to Ran Blacc and I forget he is the same person off the mic, his transformation to being the artist is impressive, it's difficult for me to accept that his music is not yet played on radio stations throughout our nation, quality music by far!!!


2TEKK$ - Reverbnation.com

"I'm feelin what my man Ran Blacc is doing with this music venture. It's always refreshing when someone brings some real passion and originality to this Hip Hop game. The game needs it. Stay hungry!! Here's to your continued success!"

"Awesome music!!! Music bridges all gaps emotionally. Im a fan!!"

Casey Picou - Reverbnation.com

"Despite the many hats or crowns should I say that Ran Blacc wears, he continuously sets a precedent and consistently raises the bar on every endeavor. He never falls short of stepping in his light...stepping up game... and tackling every major playing field. True Leader and Entepreneur.!"

“I dont know much about his music but I've seen a few of his modeling pictures, I know a few people that are good friends with him, he's a very sexy man.”

Deauxma (Adult Model @ DeauxmaLive.com) - Twitter Interview

"My dude Ran Blacc's music is really dope like coke. I've heard alot of it and it bangs! My dude is straight grinding and always moving. Anyone can see he's got a passion for it just like me with my art.!!"

“AWESOME WORK, Ran Blacc! The RN diss song...RIGHT ON TIME! I hope they took heed, my dear. Nonetheless, do your thing & know your TOPS! :)”

illy - reverbnation.com

"The Ran Blacc, Crown Republik Mixtape Is Shaping Up Well, and Could Be One Of The Most Diverse Mixtapes' Of The Year!!!"

“Black, I didn't know you were musically inclined!! You are some thing special, i swear!! Ur music definitely has a vegas feel to it, and i know u hang with a bunch of us in the industry, i can really hear it in your songs. Im very impressed, I now know who to call for the complete entertainment package huhhh!! ;)”

Penni Tavarez (Model n Adult Film Star) - Twitter.com

"My Boy Blacc Is Really Doin His Thing, I Mean We Were Teammates in College But He's Really Putting In Work at Something Nobody Knew He Could Do!!! Pleasant Surprise!!"

“Great Music Liked listening to it :)”

Cyborg Music - Reverbnation.com


Incredible Ticket USA - Reverbnation.com

“That First Joint On Ya Page Is Hella Dope Send Me Ya Email Ill Send You Some Beats Check Out My Site Tell Me If U See Anything You Like. BeatsByJake.com”

Beats By Jake - Reverbnation.com

"You got great music here, could be #1 on anyones music chart..."

Certified Money Gettas (CMG) - Reverbnation.com

“I love your music. May I wish you the very best of good luck.”

Peter O'Sullivan - Reverbnation.com

“Thank you for sharing your music.”

Les Heathcock - Reverbnation.com

“I listened to your music, and really enjoyed it. Thank you for listening, and have a great day.”

Anuerythm - Reverbnation.com

“Awesome Music!! Music connects all people and bridges all gaps. I’m a fan.”

Slim and Red - Reverbnation.com

"Great Sound! Want to perform at a Red Carpet event for Warner Bros. Music Group in L.V.???"

Urban Kings - Reverbnation.com

"Caught your music & really liked it."

Aidan Nolan - Reverbnation.com

“Diggin the tunes Much Love”

Renogade Blvgari - Reverbnation.com

“I just want him to take off some of his clothes and show off the tattoos! lol With his sexy ass. ;) Keep up the great work Randy!! xoxo”

Samone Taylor (Porn Star) - twitter interview

“I must say Ran Blacc's Las Vegas At Its Best. Congratulations on the success.”

Natalie Vegas (Adult Model @ TheNatalieShow.com) - Twitter Interview

“Im listening to your music right now! I like your sound. Very impressive. Keep up the good work.”

Blizzard - Reverbnation.com

“You should get your music played at www.hardcorejamz.com radio. Submit music on the site. You would do well there. Worldwide listener base.”

Hat Trick - Reverbnation.com

“Love your style!! And congrats on your success in Nevada! I'd love to hear your thoughts on my tunes. It'd be an honor. Thanks!”

Orbia Hatcher - Reverbnation.com

“We really like the sound we are gonna recommend you to our fans”

M.E.G.A. Team Rockit - Reverbnaion.com

"Great music tracks! Plus we support GOOD music!"

F.A.L.A. Nation - Reverbnation.com

"Great Music! If You Would Like To Get A Record Deal Hit Us Up!!"

Diamond Records - Reverbnation.com

“Excellent sound ! Have you ever submitted a e-demo to Virgin?”

Virgin Records International - Reverbnation.com

"I Ride Wit My Dude Blacc!! He's a Go Getta Fa Real, All Business. Real Good Dude!!"

Da' Afro Rican - AR Studio Blog

“how much you charge for a feature? that talkin bout it song is off the chain!”

Kiayam Kaine Benavides - facebook.com

"He's Hot!! Not Just His Look and Style, But His Music Goes So Hard, Its Something Different!!"

Kathy Williams (Model and Actress) - Facebook Interview

“Great job! We can play add instruments & backing vocals in your songs, Also beats, mix & master. On Da LOW! Holla at us your music is banging!”

Gate 57 - Reverbnation.com

"I See The Hustle.... Block Certified/ Crown Republik Get ya Ears Up"

Dough Gotti (CEO of Block Certified) - Reverbnation.com

“Have you sat down with any major labels yet? I got a friend named Lan, He can help you. I'll inbox you the #, Tell him that Jason sent you. Good Luck!!”

Industry Level - Reverbnation.com

“Ran Blacc has that feel for building a song that tells a story. ”

Greg Leatherman - Reverbnation.com

“I becoming a Fan. Nice songs, good work !”

Diavoloops - Reverbnation.com

“While you r promoting ya music take time out and click on To one of my beats...by the way ya music is nice.. Keep Banging it...”

DJ BlackZone - Reverbnation.com

"I want to shoot with him, well I can't lie, I want to do more then shoot with him! lol :)"

Ruth Kounovsky (Model) - Twitter

“The Music U Make Is Amazing!”

Corina Anderson - Reverbnation.com


Lubonrec - Reverbnation.com

“I Like Ur Sound! Nice Music Over Here”

TRE'BARZ - Reverbnation.com

“Im so excited about your music , if you want to get more exposure on facebook and youtube, we can help http://www.musicexposure.org”

Billy Mommak - Reverbnation.com

“Nice tracks ! Keep bangin !”

Duke Nasty - Reverbnation.com

“Nice songs! Please post your music to http://www.facebook.com/iWantJam and join http://www.iwantjam.com to become an 'Endorsed Musician'”

Iwantjam.com (Musician Website) - Reverbnation.com

"Great Music!!"

Yolanda Foxx - Reverbnation.com

“I like what u got you are different from the others in your genre.”

Yung S.N.A.P. of BME Basement Musink ENT - Reverbnation.com

“Really like the music! Keep up the good work!!”

MicKilla - Reverbnation.com

“I really like the come ride with me song, its super sexy, like he's speaking directly to me. That makes for a great song when it sucks the listener in!! No Gass!!! He's got that kinda sex appeal.”

Shyla Starr (Ikandy Model) - Twitter Interview

“I Like your Music and the way you express your mind on tha tracks. I see ya, Keep up the hard work. It's Very Impressive & Nothing but talent.”

MG Tha Block Boy - www.reverbnation.com

"Dope Sounds Coming From This Page"

RedMic - Reverbnation.com

“What's poppin fam!! I'm glad you like the music and became a fan... I'm check your music out as well. I wish u success in yours.. one ”

GeneBuck a.k.a. ShowBoat - Reverbnation.com

“Thx 4 fanning me when U R hot!...”

Nevada Breeze, Queen Of Hooks - Reverbnation.com

“Keep grindin, wishin you much success!”

Miss Koko Loko - Reverbnation.com

“Great Music!! Keep Them Hits Coming!”

Smitty ( of Blended Soul) - Reverbnation.com

"He's One Of The Sexiest Rappers I Know!!"

Maria Leanna (Model) - Facebook Interview

“Blacc's really doing his thing right now. Mixtapes, Photo Shoots, Short Movies, Interviews and Music Videos!! Damnnn, He's Goin HAM right now! ;)”

Alyssa Keller (Model) - Facebook Interview

“Liked the music! Check us out! We can help promote your music!”

The Artist Hub - Reverbnation.com

“Great music! I'm a fan”

Triinno Muzik - Reverbnation.com

“Ima need you to get at me when your ready to shoot. Im looking forward to it!! :) Proud of you, your doing ya thing!!!”

Jolina Ford (Published Model SMOOTH Mag Cover, Video Vixen) - Twitter.com

“Showin u some 801 Utah love. If you're ever out in Salt Lake, hit me up and we can do a show together.”

B-Side - www.reverbnation.com

“Ran Blacc's on his boss moves, went to the last showcase he hosted, the music and laughs thing, it was off the hook, a lot of talented artists and his sexy ass hosting :^) I'll be sure to be at the next showcase, party or whatever him and his crew is throwing.”

Amani Jaymes - Twitter Interview

“lol Ur Famous Now”

Nadia Night (Adult Film Star) - Twitter.com

“Hi, great vibe you have happening here! Hope you're having a fantastic week! Peace, Love, & Music,”

The Judes - Reverbnation.com

"CONGRATS ON YOUR RANK!!! I LIKED your facebook page, 'PIN'ned you, gave you a top rank, (+1), on your reverb page for google, followed on twitter & I put your tracks in my queue and favorited and shared them!!! Also, if you have a myspace or if you want me to fan on any other networks just send them to me, because I WOULD LOVE TO SUPPORT... ;-) VERY GOOD WORK!!!! Best wishes for this year and every year to come!!!"

J. Elizabeth Hardges - Reverbnation.com

“Nice to listening your music.”

Terror Tonight - reverbnation.com