Ralston Bowles / Press

"masterful songwriter who touches places other writers can't get to....with soul..... "

“Ralston Bowles interest in music started with the Biltmore Diana, his acoustic guitar. “It was around my house growing up,” he said. “My dad was a steel worker and a musician. My dad played that guitar. It was a good memory.” The 1940 catalog listed the guitar for $23.50. “It has a lot of character,” Ralston said. “It was the first musical instrument I played.” He became serious about playing by the time he was in high school, growing up in northwest Indiana.”

“Singer/songwriter Ralston Bowles is an Americana troubadour born one of two children in Gary, Indiana. The Grand Rapids-based Bowles, a former creative director at Citadel Broadcasting, followed his dream at the age of 50 and made his first record. With two albums in the ether on Judy Collins's Wildflower Records, Bowles has already garnered five Jammy Awards. He's most recently opened for luminaries Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. This Midwestern minstrel has a sincere sound. Get "You Already Knew That," from Bowles's 2004 debut release Carwreck Conversations, produced by Marvin Etzioni. Currently touring.”

“Ralston Bowles Little Miracles 2010 album produciton profiled in Mix”

“Ralston Bowles, a musician and songwriter who often is called the godfather of West Michigan's acoustic music scene, has been making music since he was a child growing up in Gary, Ind. "The stories are out there," he says. "It's about finding the stories and telling them. That's what Woody Guthrie did. That's what Bob Dylan does." After years of promoting and encouraging other local musicians, he finds himself on the receiving end of a groundswell of support”

“After a grass-roots campaign by fans and local musicians who championed his cause, organizers of the Rothbury music festival at the Double JJ Ranch north of Muskegon have scheduled Bowles to perform at the event, playing the same stage as Dylan on Sunday, the festival's closing day.”

“The final Tuesday Evening Music Club concert of the summer at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, featuring Grand Rapids singer-songwriter Ralston Bowles "and friends," had it all: Perfect weather, a huge and diverse crowd, stellar live music and, of course, plenty of gleeful dancing children.”

“Ralston's New CD "Rally at the Texas Hotel" is a Three Star Hotel”