Bob Moses (Ra-Kalam Bob Moses) / Press

“Leave it to Moses, a multi-directional shamanistic groovilator, to put all the pieces together. On Time Stood Still, another sprawling production of DeMille-ian scale... 5 Stars”

Bill Milkowski - Downbeat

“Its powerful music and stirring text will both enchant and challenge listeners.... Employing blues, gospel, bop, ‘music concrete’, African juju, rock, funk, hip hop, Balinese, Latin and other musics yet undefined, this record has a singular undeniable charm...”

Russ Summers - Jazziz

“One of the most exciting large band jazz records I’ve heard in years. This is what large band jazz ought to be... an eruption of rhythm, color and melody that is redolent of the most adventurous music from all jazz eras... one of the wildest and most joyous rides jazz has taken in years. ”

Jeff Simon - The Buffalo News

“Bob Moses has now emerged as the possessor of one of the grander imaginations in America's true classical music. No orchestral composer of this scope, mellow wit, and freshly distinctive range of colors has come along since Gil Evans.”

Nat Hentoff - Modern Recording and Music

“[Bob Moses] has created a musical environment that is balanced between discipline and freedom, compositional design and spontaneous inspiration. A party with a purpose. This album is original, soulful, funny, and very special. I hope a lot of people get as much enjoyment from this as I have.”

Gil Evans - jazz pianist, arranger, composer, and bandleader.

“...It is music that breathes, grunts, cries, sings, and laughs - it makes categories arbitrary and insignificant. Though the players involved are known for their jazz affiliations, the music appeal made here is universal.”

John Sinclair - The Detroit Sun

“This is true soul music, with the soul of Bob Moses shinning forth from every facet of this production... To say it’s one of the more important albums of the year is a cliche. This album is cliche-free... 5 stars”

Chuck Mitchel - Downbeat