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"[Natural's] empowering message is simple- for women to be proud of their appearances and not allow others to define one's true beauty...'

"[Rajdulari's] vocal presence emanates warmth, light and hope that is rare in someone with such a vocal talent."

"I love music more than you can ever imagine so when I heard Rajdulari’s single “Natural “for the first time, I felt like she was talking to me. Great lyrics have that type of affect on you..."

“Rajdulari is a tantalizing Jazz musician with a sultry and captivating voice...”

"New Year, New You-Embracing your Journey with Rajdulari"

"5 Questions with Songstress Rajdulari"

"Curvy Songstress on a Journey"..

"Rajdulari has an amazing voice, and she paints music with a broad palette...."

"Vote for Rajdulari in the Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Jazz Contest"...

"When you give me the mic, I'm going to do my thing. That's all I can do," says Rajdulari...

"With so much talent, it seems that Rajdulari was born to be a singer..."

"One quality I really love about Rajdulari is her comprehensive beauty – inside and out – she shatters perceptions, expectations – she boldly puts her true self out there and what results is mind expanding for anyone taking her in."

"In-station, on wax, and in living color, Rajdulari delivers jazz styling reminiscent of Patti Austin and Phoebe Snow....."

"A journey to the Grammys doesn’t always begin with a lot of cash and an entourage. Sometimes it begins simply with a huge talent, a lot of perseverance, and a dream...."

"...Among the redundancy of radio station playlists and studio produced artists comes a sound that speaks to your soul and awakens your ears..."

"Rajdulari's [HoneyWine] is a collection of gems from this pure natural vocal talent..."

"Rajdulari is a powerful and passionate Jazz Musician..."

"Rajdulari's new CD Honeywine is a must have on the Diva’s List!"

"Honey Wine is sophisticated and soulful. Swingin. Latin. Funky. Poetic.Vocalese. Sensual. The album opens with Into the Light, a magnetic awakening and introduction to Rajdulari and her masterful band..."

"Recap: 11th Annual Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival"

"Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival to feature Rajdulari"

“A Close up with Rajdulari-The Blogette”