Raising Abel / Press

“Ra will being performing in Godley, Tx...July 1st at a block party......free”

July 1st Show

“RA Lead Vocalist Pat Bratcher wins "Best Vocals of 2015" when band performs at "Showcase Promotions Talent Show" in Shreveport, LA. Oct 22nd”

RA News

“Raising Abel 1 of 2 bands nominated for best band performance out of 9 bands @ Showcase Promotions Talent Show in Shreveport, LA . Oct 22nd.”

RA News

“We are in the studio recording new songs for next year release. Some of the songs are posted to our player. Be watching for early new sample releases!!”

Pat Brtcher - RA Update !!

“Raising Abel was of the top 5 bands in the "Open For Kiss Contest held in Dallas. although they were not picked being in the top 5 out of 200 plus bands has opened doors for more bookings.”

“Raising Abel places 6th in Nationwide Battle of the bands. The battle of the bands was promoted by Alpine Stereos. There were approx. 2065 bands competing.”