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“Los Angeles alt-rock band Raised on TV explode with energy in their new single "Soul on Fire". With powerful jangly guitars and throbbing drums, the highly contagious roaring rock track details finding yourself in the digital age. It's about disconnecting from technology and discovering a connection to your authentic self.”

“Los Angeles alt-rockers Raised On TV play the Maui Sugar Mill this week, the final date on a 20+ gig tour that has seen them travel around the country. We chatted with guitarist/vocalist Keaton Rogers about it all… L.A. WEEKLY: When and how did the band form? KEATON ROGERS: We formed back in the summer of 2015. The drummer [Kacey Greenwood] is my brother, so we always wanted to have a band together, always thought it would be cool. At that time, we were both in different bands that fell apart and broke up by chance at the same time. The stars aligned and that was a chance for us to start a new band together so we brought in his best friend from high school, a guy named Ryan [Weiss]. We all got together in Ryan’s mom’s garage that summer and we jammed away, got about ten songs together, and then started playing shows around early 2016.”

“As the trio moves toward the release of the next album, Raised on TV is two for two. The first successful “at bat” occurred in 2018, when “Caroline” received acclaim in the blogosphere. The vocal approach at the start of each of the three verses is attention-grabbing. The first line is divided into three parts by pauses, with the third being the most melodic. Thus, the lyrics begin “Don’t…. forget…. to remember” - the lyrics of "Caroline" are included below. Still, it’s the guitar bridge that is particularly praiseworthy, starting at 2:07. “Smog City” is the second positive “at bat.” The Los Angeles-based band more readily features its Rock side in the song that was inspired by driving for a ride-hailing company (Lyft). Sometimes separately and other times together, “Smog City” displays the band’s skills on guitar, bass and percussion.”

“Raised on TV are a LA based rock trio who are flat out working on their second full length album titled “Season 2” This trio are two brothers and a best friend from high school. ‘Smog City’ is their second single from “Season 2”. Tracked at Studio 606 (Dave Grohl’s studio which houses the notorious Sound City board) at the end of last year. with Brendan Dekora (Muse, Foo Fighters) co-producing and Ben O’Neil (The Killers, Neon Trees) mixing. They sure are talented! I liked ‘Smog City’ right from the start. The catchy hook was awesome. I adore the vocals, they are just the sound I prefer. I like how around the middle of the song the guitar takes over almost as if it is having a tantrum. The song is about Keaton and Kacey driving for Lyft in LA as a second job. I feel this is a song that needs to be heard by the world. I love it. Take a listen here.”

“Los Angeles based alt-rock trio Raised on TV offer up their new single ‘Smog City’ – the band’s latest helping of their second album titled ‘Season 2’. The band are said to be ‘super excited’ for the final product to be finished and why not when the finishing touches are being put on your music at Dave Grohl’s 606 studio. ‘Smog City’ brings a lot to the table, for starters there’s a underlying feeling of the grunge-era that seeps into the guitar work giving a nostalgic edge. There is also the wavy Tame Impala-esque middle section and subtle moments of americana that bring their own inflections of yesteryear. Despite this the band state that the song is about driving for Lyft (that’s American for Uber) in LA, which both two members of Raised On TV have done as a side hustle.”

“Rock trio, RAISED ON TV, comes at us with ‘Smog City’. A single that is twisted and ethereal, in contrast to what you’d expected from the get go. Creating anomalies like ‘Smog City’ is hard. And as the gang in the band, works on their 2nd full length album ‘Season 2’, the song ‘Smog City’ delivers an uncanny kind of shivers, with notes that haunt while exulting in attitude and vaunted glamor. It’s an interesting combination, indeed. Where story telling about an aromatic subject, is quickly turned sideways, then back again, widens our eyes in awe and admiration. It’s a weird but fabulous feeling. The band is made up of Keaton Rogers, Kacey Greenwood, and Ryan Weiss; and they want to keep you engaged. They surely did us, for sure.”

“Out of the heat and haze, the endless daze and the sunstroke craze of the San Fernando Valley, alt-rock three-piece Raised on TV drop a three-minute 21-second slice of saturation at speed, with new single, “Smog City”. Having released their debut album, the fourteen track, ‘Season 1’ back in 2017, Raised on TV spent much of 2018 working on material for their follow up album, the logically titled, ‘Season 2’. Their one release of the year coming in the form of stand out track, ‘Caroline’; recorded at Hollywood’s Elephant in the Room Studio with Ethan Kaufman (The Killers) and mixed by Ben O’Neil and Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees). The LA-based trio kick off 2019 with their latest release, “Smog City”; a fast-paced, distortion on a six string, driveby with ear-catching indie lyrics and a ‘jump ‘n’ down’ beat. Smart use of contrasting overdrive, fuzz and crunch makes for compelling counterplay between guitar parts (Keaton Rogers)”

“Los Angeles-based indie trio Raised on TV released the second single off their new album, Season 2. The new single, “Smog City” was recorded at Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s famed studio, Studio 606. Raised on TV’s sound is reminiscent of Broken Social Scene meets Death Cab for Cutie. Lyrically, the band’s song is all about grinding for Lyft in the big city and being a fly on the wall with strangers from all over the place. The band’s full length is available on all digital platforms but in the meantime enjoy “Smog City” below.”

“Straight out of the Foo Fighters and JEW anthem playbook comes Raised On TV with ‘Smog City’. Indeed, this still has a unique, more edgy, punkier vibe that manages to both excite and evoke.”

“Tracked in esteemed Foo Fighters lair Studio 606 this melodic rock track is about driving Lyft in Los Angeles. The instrumentation is a familiar rock sound with some fuzzy guitars and a slightly monotone sounding lead vocalist who must be tired from driving the car all night. Having living in Los Angeles for a while this is an incredibly accurate representation of the city and the artistry and mix is very solid which is not surprising because the mix was done by Ben O’Neil and Mark Needham. The timbre of the vocalist has comparable timbres to other acts of considerable notoriety while also maintaining a sense of individuality. A selling point of the song that caught me in particular is the choreographed instrumentals around 2:10. I am really excited to share this act with you and I’m looking forward to what 2019 has for Raised on TV.”

“We’ve all been kind of “raised on TV” when you think about it. Right? Well, this three-piece alternative/indie rock band took it to heart and have named their band Raised On TV and, today, we have the premiere of their new single “Smog City.” This is the Los Angeles band’s second single from their new album, Season 2, preceded by the track “Caroline”, which we also previously premiered. Raised On TV feature a “cool” mix of alternative, rock, and indie which would be the perfect soundtrack to your summer weekend backyard barbecue. Awesomely, “Smog City” was tracked during a recording session at Studio 606, the notorious recording studio of none other than Dave Grohl! Commenting on “Smog City,” guitarist and vocalist Keaton Rogers said, “Musically, this is one of our earliest songs. We’ve been jamming it since the beginning but we never had words that stuck. Some inspiration for the lyrics came though when I started driving Lyft late at night in Los Angel”

“This is just damn good songwriting. Good earworm melodies, perfect and efficient structure, nifty guitar licks, an absolutely killer guitar solo etc. The production is also top notch, with layered radio-ready guitar tones, a tight low end and polished harmonies. I wish I had more to say about this song, but it’s really just such a solid display of pop-rock craftsmanship that it speaks for itself. There’s no fat to trim, and the production perfectly matches the song’s excellent dynamics.”

“The guitar that we're introduced to on this track has such a classic feel. This is alternative at its finest, with a danceable rhythm and a smooth vocal to keep us transfixed. This is a song about Caroline, where we can't forget to remember who we are, and can't lose sight. And if it's a dream, we don't want to wake up. The track is out now digitally on the major platforms.”

“Check out this wonderfully fuzzy, constantly building alternative rock banger of a tune – melodic in a similar vein to Silversun Pickups or Hundred Reasons, this is ferocious, and effortlessly catchy. This is the first single from our new album, which happens to be the band’s second album, titled “Season 2.” It was mixed by Mark Needham and Ben O’Neil (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) and recorded on the same board that was used for The Killers’ album, ‘Hot Fuss’. The song is about not losing sight of what’s right in front of you, and the song is named after the lead singer and guitarist’s girlfriend.”

“‘Caroline’ is the latest single from LA’ s Raised on TV. This song is the first single off their second album called ‘Season 2’. Raised on TV are renowned for their energetic fun gigs. They have been busy this year touring including festivals. ‘Caroline’ is a song with a great meaning. If you have something great in front of you, don’t take it for granted! Check out this amazing song named after the lead singer and the guitarists girlfriend here.”

“The US alt-rock trio Raised On TV are finalizing details for their appropriately named second LP – Season 2. On hitting play on the first song to surface from the album – Caroline, which was released as a standalone single last week (available on bandcamp), the listener is tempted to think they are heading off to a fairly standard indie track only to find within a few bars that the bright-light neon entrance leads to a trippy-rock derived composition which takes the mind on a wave of kaleidoscopic colors.”

“Los Angeles, California rockers, Raised on TV, who we previously featured via the debut of the “Big Sur (Up The Coast)” single, are back with another rad new track! This time around the alt/indie rock three-piece are sharing “Caroline”, the lead single from their upcoming album sophomore full-length, Season 2, which follows the group’s debut Season 1 (which we suggest you check out on Spotify). Speaking of the new album single, the band collectively commented: “It [‘Season 2’] marks a big transitional period for the band, where things began to get more serious. We weren’t just friends messing around in the garage anymore, we were really trying to focus in and make something special. ‘Caroline’ is named after the lead guitarist’s girlfriend, and the song is about learning how to wake yourself up when life begins to feel like a dream. To put it another way, sometimes the most important things in our lives can get out of focus by the nature of being so close to ”

“Musically, the track seems to blur the lines between Saves The Day’s energetic, emotive-pop and The Mountain Goats’ more nuanced, intricate moments. There’s something classically college-rock about their music, yet Raised On TV stop well short of sounding like a late-1990’s pastiche, instead sounding fresh and exciting. They’re only on Season 1, yet you feel like this is one TV show that’s going to run and run.”

“In their debut album Season 1, Raised On TV digs into their alternative-rock sound that begs us to relive our teen angst in a way that is simultaneously carefree, nostalgic, and at times painful. The album is packed with lively vocal ballads and tasty guitar solos strewn throughout. On the whole, Season 1 grooves from one track to the next with a familiar kick-assery that reminds us that blink-182 and Fall Out Boy disciples are alive and well. The lyrical content is often snarky and exhilarating. At times though, the album is flecked with the feeling of loss and searching that occupies so many of our young adulthood’s as we strive to find our place after the haze of teenage angst has settled.”

“Out fresh with a debut record, we've got the latest track from Raised on TV. Natives to Los Angeles, the band is a mix of indie rock and roll—keeping the old school feels alive. The debut record titled, Season 1 contains fourteen tracks of that nature. Their latest single, "Old Journals" is an uptempo rock track that's perfect for a day out with friends. Live on the West Coast? You'll definitely be digging the vibe.”

“Some songs are meant for long road trips, but there are the rare gems that sound exactly like what a road trip is. Such is the case with Raised on TV‘s new single, which just happens to be about a road trip. As the jangly surf-rock vibe and the soothing vocals ring through the song, a feeling of adventure and excitement overcomes you. It’s the feeling you get when the ocean breezes gently sweep over your face, the smell of the sea overwhelms your senses, and the views of the rocky coastline leave you breathless. Now whether the song is just a weekend getaway or re-capturing the journey tens of thousands took back in the ’60s and early ’70s to the famous folk festival is unclear, but this tune would work for both scenarios. “Big Sur (Up the Coast)” is taken from Raised on TV’s debut album, Season 1, which is out now and can be picked up on Bandcamp. If you think this song echoes Real Estate, then seriously check out the entire LP.”

“From the City of Angels comes alternative rock band Raised on TV. The three piece band is making waves (or is it flames?) with arena worthy jams that have California inspiration in every note. The band grew up together, creating a bond that lends to a solid sound. Today, Raised on TV is dropping their new music video exclusively on idobi.com. Taken from their debut album, Season One, out on October 20th, watch “Hurting For You” below. Hear more tracks like this on idobi Radio, the most listened to pop-punk and alternative internet radio station in the world.”

“Raised On TV is an LA based, 3 piece band, deriving from the San Fernando Valley. Their mission: to bring rock to the masses. The formation of the band all started in 2015 when Keaton Rogers (vocals, guitar), Kacey Greenwood (drums), and Ryan Weiss (bass), all decided to join forces and begin their journey in Ryan’s mom’s garage. Keaton and Kacey, who are brothers decided to take on the music scene together when both their previous bands split up. Ryan, who is Kacey’s long time friend and old band mate, also came along for the musical ride, creating what is now know as, Raised On TV. Keaton and Kacey both come from a very musical family in the industry, helping shape their experience and abilities. Keaton’s guitar skills are often compared to Jimi Hendrix mixed in with 90s influences. With these rock roots at the core of their sound, it is no wonder that their EP, released in 2016, brought some seriously comforting sounds to the kids of the 90s with a new age twist.”

“This L.A. born & bred alternative-rock trio describes themselves as “three guys in sandy shoes and a dirty van trying to make something bigger than themselves”. Their soaring arena riffs, dreamy melodies, and catchy hooks evoke the SoCal sound like an ocean breeze. Comprised of brothers Keaton Rogers (lead vocals/guitar) and Kacey Greenwood (drums), along with childhood friend Ryan Weiss (bass/backup vocals), the group has toured extensively on the West Coast and through the Southwest, with a focus on expanding nationwide and internationally. Having shared the stage with heavyweights like Ozomatli and Jefferson Starship at the Topanga Days Festival and with a brand new EP on the horizon, Raised on TV is making bold moves in 2017 and is coming to a venue and playlist near you.”

“New Noise Magazine is relaxed and ready for the weekend thanks to the premiere of “Big Sur (Up The Coast)” by Raised On TV. The song is sentimental, invoking feelings of time travel and traveling back through the always distant path. The tone of the song feels reflective, always searching for the memories and moments where one was totally free. “Big Sur (Up the Coast)” is a summer song to play with the windows down, taking in the fresh scenery around and soul searching to learn to let go. The song is off of the upcoming full length, Season 1, slated for release on October 20th.”

“Hello. How are you today? Having a rough week? Or maybe you're just mellow as pie and gearing up for the weekend? Either way, we're here to get your coconut-filled palm tree swaying (that is not a penile reference) with the premiere of the song "Big Sur (Up The Coast)" from LA-based trio, Raised on TV. With an easy-breezy (and yes, beautiful - what up, cover girl!) mix of alternative, rock and indie, these gents have perfected the sun-soaked soundtrack to accompany your next Sunday BBQ. With their debut album Season 1 on the horizon - and the pre-order link now live at iTunes and Apple Music - you can get your feet with with this stream before the accompanying music video drops on August 25th. It may or may not feature "a fun beach weirdo, that picks up two hitch hikers...with his tandem bike, who are trying to get to a bikini contest."”

“Based from LA, Raised on TV will be competing at the Battle for Vans Warped Tour Finale on August 6th 2016. The band consists of Keaton Rogers (vocals/guitar), Kacey Greenwood (drums) and Ryan Weiss (bass). This rock trio is influenced by classic bands such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd to 90’s bands like Nirvana, Green Day and Blink-182. Raised on TV’s music can be mostly described as an alternative indie rock band blended with the style of the sixties and nineties. Their music is mostly about life experiences such as childhood memories, maturing and “love in the digital age.” One of the biggest challenges they face is balancing adult life with that of a rock star. You can see them battle it out live for their spot at this year’s Vans Warped Tour.”

“Last year, Raised on TV entered a battle of the bands competition for a chance to play on the Vans Warped Tour. With 200 original contestants, they successfully navigated through the hoops to compete out of 8 groups in the final round. However, their “mindset was never that [they] were competing with other bands.” Instead, as Keaton states, they were just aiming to become “the best version of [themselves].” Even though they lost in the final round, they reminded themselves that “it was never about winning in the traditional sense anyway. So, don’t get caught up in the competition. When you go see twenty or so amazing bands at a festival, there’s no first or second prize, no gold or silver medal, there’s a bunch of freaking awesome music and people there to enjoy it.” Keaton’s word of advice? If an artist is true to themselves, “there will be nobody else like that artist and that’s what it’s all about.””

“Since their debut in 2015, they have explored new dimensions of rock music and now have a niche sound that fits their vision for what's next for alternative rock reaching back to 60's rock for musical flavor with influences from the Beach Boys, The Who and Led Zeppelin. In a recent interview with AXS.com, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist Keaton Rogers talked about the band's journey from late night garage jam sessions to becoming a rising band on the touring circuit. Rogers shared that the key to their success is long jam sessions; they “always lead to discovering new music and even themselves as musicians.” “Big Sur” and “Iced Coffee” are two of their recent indie releases that illustrate their ability to create pop-rock fusion in a way that elevates alternative rock to a mainstream platform. They are working in studio currently on their upcoming album release, Season One, scheduled to debut in the late summer of 2017 along with new official music videos.”