Rainbow Girls / Press

"Never has the phrase 'Sisters doing it for themselves' seemed more appropiate . Writing and performing their own material, four part harmonies manafactured in heaven by all the angels, multi instrumental with a driving rythmn section that sounds like the daughter of Keith Moon, they will take you on a soul searching journey to paradise, leaving you with a warm glow that emualates from their hometown of Goleta, California, USA. A few years from now, once Erin, Cailtin, Cheyenne, Vanessa, and Savannah have sold out gigs from Glastonbury to the Hollywood Bowl and back again, gone platinum with all their albums, they will have inspired a whole new generation of girls. I can see the reviews 'Sounds like the Rainbow Girls.' 21st Century talent setting a new benchmark."

"Just occasionally one comes across a band for the first time who truly move, excite and lift one so totally as to get absolutely caught up in the moment and the music… They play with soul, spirit and energy, are talented and versatile musicians, have beautiful voices and write stunning and catchy songs. On top of this they are all terrific people with a great attitude and positivity who clearly adore playing and just want people to hear and enjoy their music too."

"The place was packed with a who’s who of Norwich and some of the most delicious American folk and country bluegrass played by five amazing girls. The place was crammed, hot and sweaty and there was dancing by everyone, the likes of which I have never seen anywhere. People were dancing on tables, benches and the dancing was as relentless as the tunes, the band were not allowed to finish until they had played every single song they knew. All through the set there were people walking past, peering through the window and coming in to investigate, but it was like a musical vortex, once inside nobody got out again!"

"The [Rainbow] Girls may have opened for the California Honeydrops, but, for me, they really headlined the night. And what a hootenanny hoedown of funky folk it was!"

"Just north of Santa Barbara in the hills of Goleta there is magic in the air. Citrus and avocado trees grow in abundance as the ocean waves crash softly on the Californian shore. Somewhere in this area you'll find a ranch where a group of farmers, musicians, and other artistic people reside. Within this commune is a group of fem who have identified themselves as the Rainbow Girls."

"Rainbow Girls... bring a whole ranch full of music. They each play assorted instruments… but their singing is what can really bring out a rainbow at night, even inside a bar. Their set is raucous from start to finish. The original material is assured and easy to jump right into. You find yourself amazed because you cannot believe that five piece, multi-instrumental, all woman, folk rock groups aren’t the norm."

"Rainbow Girls have been together for over a year and have performed at numerous festivals... Their complex 4 part harmonies delight the ear while the intensely personal lyrics captivate the soul. Their joyous, youthful energy and spirit uplifted the room for an entire 3 hour set. Even the cover tunes they played and sang were done with such sensitivity and loveliness it was as if one had just heard the song for the first time."

"How many instruments can these 5 females play? Let's count: guitar, ukelele, banjolele, accordion, violin, harmonica, melodica, cajon, piano, glockenspiel, sitar, banjo, kazoo, tambourine, shaker, and...their feet!"

"Rainbow Girls delivered a rousing live set from KCSB’s Studio A. Their folk inspired songs and luscious harmonies inspired an outpouring of support from listeners in Santa Barbara and beyond."

"Armed with a tape recorder, a tuner, a guitar, a ukulele, and seven harmonicas, the girls made their way through Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. It was a classic Eurotrip with the added adventures of touring as a band. The girls were robbed of their harmonicas in Livorno, Italy, and forced by police to miss their train and give statements instead. They ran into Dr. Scott Marcus, their former UCSB sitar instructor, walking under the Eiffel Tower. They turned 'C.C. Rider' into a Swiss wedding song. And just when they were about to realize their dream of riding the Chunnel, immigration officers in a small French border town stopped them for informally touring without work visas, and detained them for six hours."

"The original quartet busked their way through Europe last summer playing impromptu gigs. Their street corner shows created a buzz resulting in offers to play abroad next summer and to record the group's music."