raina rose / Press

“There has to be space for hope somewhere in there. And Raina Rose, her tongue not-so-firmly in cheek, is a mischievous tease who enlightens you without insulting your intelligence”

Dr. Scott - Pulp Culture Blog

"There goes the Courtney Love of folk music!"

Joel Tepp - multi-instrumentalist

“If a bottle of champagne could sing, it would sound a lot like Raina Rose: positively effervescent, sparkling with youthful exuberance -- she's a joy.”

Tracy Grammer - folksinger

“you jumped on every song like a cat, broke my heart, made me laugh and I knew that I could brag about you to anyone and feel completely justified”

Jonathan Byrd - folksinger

“Portland native Raina Rose is everything a young female folksinger should be...From her late duo the Gypsy Moths to her latest and best-yet CD, The Prophet, the Panhandler, and the Moon, her vocal, guitar and songwriting chops continue to flourish.”

Jeff Rosenberg - Willamette Week