Raging Saint / Press

“SIGNS OF THE SAINT is a superb five track E.P, giving you sheer enjoyment for almost twenty minutes. The band showcase their talent by exploring different sides of Rock, Prog and Metal with similar styles likened to Queensryche, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and Guns N' Roses. I love the writing skills of guitarist John Porter who actually wrote all of the tracks found on this recording, also the guitar work is fantastic, there's some incredible harmonies between both guitarists and some sublime solo's generated on the tracks.”

“The first time I heard of Raging Saint I was working as a writer for an entertainment magazine. I was assigned to do a write up on Robin Trower. The bill had Raging Saint opening for Trower, I remember thinking to myself if their music was like their name it must be a badly matched show. I got to the venue in time to catch the last half of their show, and was shocked at how much style this band had. They went through their songs fluently without interruption and was throwing blues and contemporary rock riffs in this hard rock format. As they finished and Robin Trower took the stage, my mind had been changed to thinking this was one of the best matched shows I had critiqued all year long. Don't let the name fool you, these guys are more than just a metal band.”

Kevin Jurgatis

"Tension Overload" is a refreshing, almost uplifting, and explosive song that certainly deserves more attention than it has received. The band sounds very confident and mature--it is among the best work I've heard from them. "Whispering Winds" is next up. This collection's namesake, it is a strong and poignant rock track with a touch of Native American tone. The song is as great as some of the other songs here but definitely in the upper echelon of selections. I'm particularly fond of "Sad But True" with the clearly enunciated and obviously political verses in the songs with all the excellent guitars, the careful melody, and the thumping drums, Raging Saint is in a class of their own. Overall Raging Saint with their Sound will have you wanting more from this Band

“When I read "Metal/Progressive/Southern Rock" I kind of knew what to expect. But when the player starts I'm suddenly on a journey back to the golden days of Heavy Metal. When poodle curls was out, Kurt Cobain still lived under the bridge and Axl was a proper Rose. Thanks for the ride.”


“Progressive, powerful and classic. Raging Saint delves into the finer parts of the musical world. Each song has its own flavor, and taste.”

Ron Belahmy

“If you take Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Guns N Roses, Dream Theater and Lynyrd Skynyrd, smash them all together, what you would wind up with is Raging Saint, this band carries the whole load.”

Louis Reyne

“When I went to see Raging Saint I was expecting a lot. I found myself going from banging my head to yeehawing. It’s hard to believe how this band goes from one genre into another so prolifically.”

David Fladis

“Raging Saint has a habit of kicking ass, they have a monster guitar players, rated highly across the board, and the songwriting is as diverse as you can get.”

Robert Langston