Rage of South / Press

"Tra melodie vocali rimembranti Corey Taylor e una musica sfaccettata, "saltellante" e con vari umori, sempre in bilico tra aggressività, melodia e fragilità emotiva, figlia di tutta la corrente "nu", i Nostri confezionano un disco che sicuramente non deluderà gli aficionados del genere..."

"For some, the Nu-Metal / Crossover will be a chapter in the history of music to be considered now closed, it is true that when you least expect it you can find an album not only able to bring you back in time through the memories evoked by the songs of that era, but also like. It happened to me while listening to the debut of the Rage of south."

"Italian metallers Rage of South show themselves to be a highly enthralling proposition with the potential to make major inroads into the metal scene with their fiery creative sound."