“Very strong (if short) debut from Ohio rockers Ragencobra. Definite throwback sound (think mid-80s) but considering the current state of the modern rock scene, I don't really see that as a negative. Production quality falls a bit short of a major label release but that's to be expected from a D.I.Y. independent band. Songwriting is very strong especially when it comes to the hooks, but if you're looking for the number one reason to fork over a 5 dollar bill for this album it's the guitar playing. Again, think mid-80s but without the over the top histrionics. Stand out tracks include "Alien Legato" (awesome riff!) and "Crippled Feeling" but really there's not a clunker in the bunch. Take a chance on these unknowns & I'm pretty sure you'll be glad you did.”

“Caught these guys at a bar on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. Stopped in to see The All-Stars play, and the opening band was Ragencobra. Found out it was their first show with this new line up but you couldn't tell it. They rocked the rather large crowd with some cool original music. I was hooked from the first song. Good things to come from these fellas. Keep on the look-out for Ragencobra!”

“Catchy riffs, straight up rock and roll! These guys are a MUST SEE!”

Adam - 21st Century Rock Productions

“This is A Great up n comming band! Pure Rock N Roll , will send shrills down ur back and turn your beer into a blaze of bubbles. On Fire”

Pierres Funnelcakes

“Ragencobra is made up of Pure Rock N Roll in your Face music! Straight Driven and powerful from the Heart! Band Consists of Ragencobra - Guitars Scott Becker - Bass Gregg Sizemore - Vox Mike Sizemore - Drums A great mix of talent and ideas drive this band! Look for Ragencobra on the Road this year! ”

Jeff Ragencobra