“'Best hold onto your chair when you push play on this hard-hitting rock EP, for Raftree's exceptional musicianship, meaningful lyrics and compelling vocals will move you with each song.'”

“I had the chance to see these guys, (Raftree) band when i went to see them open for ZOSO.....(Led Zepplin band) and i have to say there sound was good they put on a good show and now they have put out this new song. I'm pretty sure you guys have a winner. love the sound the video is great now what you need is a live version video. Keep rockin'!!!!!!”

Mary Ann Anderson Bishaha - Raftree Street Team

“Raftree just released the band’s brand new self-titled EP featuring the songs “All The Time,” “Over And Over,” “The Eyes You Hide” and “What I Say.” These songs seriously rock! There are some great vocals here and some really crispy guitar riffs, which is a great recipe for rock ‘n’ roll. The EP’s first single, “What I Say,” was mixed by my bro Stacy O’Dell, known for his work with Killcode and Nasty Habit. Raftree’s self-titled EP is now available on raftreeband.com.”

"All the Time" love the groove from the getgo,good driving beat, i like the singer as well, very articulate voice, very well recorded song too, great tones and girth, ooohhh cool guitar solo this tunes got a dream theater feel at points "Over and Over" good chunky chorus, verses are very flowing, great dynamics in this one, got a real build feel to it, another killer guitar solo, a mix of old school riffing and new skilled flash "The Eyes you hide" very cool melodies, really draws you in, love the lyrics, easily relateable "What I Say" love the heavy broken chunky riff vocal layering every well done and creates a good vocal depth, love the attitude in this tune, a real GGGRRRRRR, real unique and creative guitar solo in this one too, this would be a good "single"

“Great alternative/metal/rock band with a great sound, both melodic and hard hitting they pretty much cover most of the rock spectrum, very entertaining indeed. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music just rocks.”

“Whether it’s good old rock and roll, or their own alternative rock/metal, they’re terrific. If you haven’t seen one of their gig’s, treat yourself to a fun evening of good music, getting into to their groove, or dancing the night away.”

Risa Lower - New Jersey Theater Alliance

“‘What I Say’ with its accenting guitar leads. The harder guitars continue into ‘All The Time’, getting switched out for more melodic verses and chorus allowing Ken’s (Raftree) vocal and the backing harmonies to be the focus. I like the building riff at the beginning of ‘Rage’ as it carries throughout contrasting with the melodic chorus, and the solo works well.”

"What I Say" is the perfect solution if you like solid and predatory heavy rock in conjunction with interestingly arranged bass lines, professional yet not intrusive guitar riffs, well laid drum beats and Ken Raftree's strong voice, who sings naturally without leaning on the auto-tuning trend as many modern vocalists sometimes do