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“Rafiya, a Congolese, Philly based Afro-Soul singer, by way of Los Angeles who has traveled the world, living in Congo (Democratic Republic), the Cape Verde Islands, Benin, Senegal, Guinea, Barbados and Ivory Coast, has been making receiving critical acclaim from music aficionados since the release of her EP, Amazing. ”

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“Rafiya … une nouvelle chanteuse soul qui va vous faire voyager !!!”


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“She spends her days in classrooms and her nights entertaining music lovers. If you guessed Hannah Montana, you’d be close – but try again (sorry Miley).”

“Rafiya .:|:. Amazing – [Unsigned, 2010]”

“--=[ Rafiya ]=--”

“Good Music 4 The Free”

“Rafiya is swahili for "Dignified"”

“Rafiya offers an Afro-soul feel to her artistry.”

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“Artist Watch: Rafiya Gives Us A Lesson In The Language Of Music.”

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“Rafiya : une étoile qui brille aux Etats-Unis”

“RAFIYA, la Diva à la voix d’or:"AMAZING"”

“Rafiya offers an Afro-soul feel to her artistry.”

“Rafiya combines eclectic, multicultural elements into her R&B music on her upcoming debut.”

“Hailing from Philly, Rafiya wants to introduce you to her world of acoustic afro soul.”

“Amazing is a beautiful Accoustic Afro Soul track that I think you’ll enjoy.”

“Featured Artist :: Rafiya :: Amazing”

“philadelphia's rafiya presents: amazing”

“Ain’t no riff Raf here. And so the Philly tradition continues. Rafiya’s is a name i hadn’t heard of before. this is one well traveled lady. Congolese heritage should ensure a nice sounding debut when it drops.”

“I have given my fair listen to the Philadelphia-based Afro/Soul singer Rafiya (that was said in her bio) and I must say she has a sweet and subtle voice.”

“Today we have an artist, that hails from Philadelphia, via the world. Her name is Rafiya, and she brings aspects to Soul music that is very welcome.”