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“Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Johnny Reid and Dierks Bentley were among the country music stars joining thousands of country music fans for one of the biggest country music parties this part of the world has ever seen, at one of the most gorgeous outdoor venues there is. popYOUlarity came to check out the party on Saturday and Sunday and these are our top highlights: Opening with Country-Fied Chick, Solomon really set the stage immediately for what was to come with her strong stage presence and catchy country-pop tunes. Stand out tracks included Chasing the Sunset, Get in My Way and Willing Heart.”

“Solomon set the tone for her show early. It would be one of the favorite sets of the day, as, like Miranda Lambert on the main stage the night before, Rae Solomon is very much a rock star and she owned the stage. All eyes were on Solomon who has a dynamic stage presence, along with some very catchy country-pop/rock songs. Much of her set was made up of songs from her new (very good!), self-titled EP, which was self-released at the end of last month.”

“On Rae Solomon’s single “Country-Fied Chick,” she doesn’t take long to establish her identity: “I’m a hell raising, northern-bred/farm-born, music-fed, wild-eyed, country-fied chick.” She’s a great singer-songwriter from Seattle who has her new sophomore EP coming out soon (it’s CD release party is on Saturday at Jazzbones in Tacoma). Everytime I listen to her music, I can’t help but think she’s born to be a big country star. She’s got a commanding stage presence (which is even obvious from poor-quality YouTube videos), a big voice and writes country pop songs that sound like they already are big hits.”

““The night started with hometown sweetheart Rae Solomon. With her gorgeous vocals and fantastic band backing her up, she surely stole every heart in the audience!” (After Opening for Chris Cagle)”

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“Three or four months ago I’d never heard the name Rae Solomon; but after seeing her open for one of the biggest names in country music, Blake Shelton, I certainly won’t forget who she is. I couldn’t get over the amazing octaves and vocal notes bursting from Rae; or the killer cord arrangements from the lead guitarist, the fiddler’s dancing fury, the bassist’s plucking power and the drive of the drummer. If I could only say one thing about her and her band – the equal balance of energy distributed amongst them all made for true entertainment. They all have an obvious passion and creative talent for what they’re doing (not to mention Miss Solomon has that “country look”). I didn’t realize I’d be writing something of a “review” for Rae Solomon and her band but by the time they walked off stage I actually thought; “bummer, I want to hear more.” If you have a chance to catch Rae Solomon live in concert – do it! I think you’ll be just as blown away as I w”

“On the road from Rodeo Queen to Country Star! Garth Brooks taught Rae Solomon everything she knows about performing. In a manner of speaking, that is, as budding singer Solomon “wore out my DVD player” watching live concert videos of the country legend to take her stage skills to the next level. Solomon, 23, grew up near Enumclaw and now lives in Maple Valley. She released her first album, “The Long Road From the Emerald City,” in June and since then things have really started rolling. She wrote her first song at the age of 7, and as a child Solomon declared to her mother, “I was going to be on country music radio.” Solomon said, “I’ve been singing forever. It’s just always in my blood. I wasn’t like other kids who changed their minds a bunch of times.” As a former rodeo queen in Enumclaw, it makes perfect sense that her first single is called “Country-Fied Chick,”.........for more visit the link below......”

“She just released her debut album “The Long Road From the Emerald City” and it’s already getting rave reviews! She was born and raised right here in Seattle and this “country-fied chick” has quite a catchy sound! Click more to see the music video for her first single – it was filmed and produced by the Tahoma High School Video Production Class!”

“Reviewing a new artist’s first CD is a hard challenge because you have no previous releases that you can base your review off of. However, with Rae Solomon, there was really no challenge. This Northwest born ‘country-fied chick’ means business with her first album Long Road From The Emerald City, a true gem if there ever was one. This album truly should make a mark for Solomon, and as she continues to grow as a writer and singer, we can only expect bigger and better things in the future. Many artists look back and think their weakest album is their first, but in Solomon’s case, the bar is set high. Final Grade: Buy The Album”