Radio Moscow / Press

“Another Austin Psych Fest performance review: Examiner kicked off Psych Fest by catching Radio Moscow on Friday on the smaller and more intimate, Stage 2. The indie, power-trio from California (Iowa originally) played an inspired set, nearly blasting the packed audience back with their ferocity. Radio Moscow are best known for being a Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) find. Auerback reportedly heard a demo recording of the band and contacted guitarist and vocalist, Parker Griggs about working with the group. We liked the intenseness of the band's performance with a distinct lack of preteniousness. These guys just like to play and play loud. By the end of the set, it felt as though the audience had been taken on a thrilling roller coster ride with the trio. Radio Moscow can deliver an impact that leaves the crowd just as exhilarated as an amusement ride. We want more. ”

“Review of our performance at Austin Psych Fest! 4/29/11 Radio Moscow was a wonderful surprise; we were thrilled to hear these guys for the first time. The band is ridiculously solid for what some might erroneously pass-off as scuzz rock. They absolutely rocked our socks off! If that were all we’d been looking for, they certainly delivered in spades. But there’s more to Radio Moscow than that. They melded a classic late '60s British psychedelic blues base with elements of southern rock into something entirely new. Parker Griggs fronts the band, drips snaky lead riffs from the edge of the stage, and occasionally sears the audience with wicked and welcomed guitar solos breaks. He’s also a damn good blues rock vocalist and a blast to watch. These guys provide the best argument we’ve seen for continuing to embrace genres that are now often dismissed. Sleazy southern blues rock is alive, thriving, and white-hot in the hands of Radio Moscow. ”