Radio Fallout / Press

“Radio Fallout is a true alternative rock band. “Out of Sight” possesses the driving beat of classic rock and then breaks into a clear alternative style with characteristic alternative vocalizations. Check out this band and if you happen to find them playing in your area their live performances are awesome.”

“In the underground nightlife of hipsters and punk rockers, Fitzgerald’s never missed a beat of the indie punk rock sounds of Radio Fallout. Straight from the heart where music comes from in Texas, this Austin band emits explosive precision and energy. The three man band Caleb Scates, Jonathan Palmer, and Dan Walker, expresses the rawness of simplicity in it’s top form. Dynamic on stage and on cd. Check out Radio Fallout’s , Mondegreen EP. ”

"Caleb Scates has the kind of voice that attracts new listeners. It's that simple, really. In a universe where TENS (perhaps HUNDREDS) of THOUSANDS of recordings are released annually, Caleb's voice finds its way to the heart in the ears in the mind of the listener."

Chris K - c0nsensus.com

"Scates, in what can only be deemed a major “Fuck you” to procrastinators everywhere, proved his musical passion in the creation of Lo-Fi Audio Circle, working two jobs from 4 AM to 3 PM, then recording tracks for the album from five to nine every night."

"Caleb has a lot of talent as a songwriter and a promising future ahead of him!"

"Caleb Scates wears his early-'90s influences very prominently on his sleeves. A little "Disintigration"-era Cure guitar here, a little "Goo"-era Sonic Youth distortion there, some yummy "Girlfriend"-era Matthew Sweet harmonies over there, and oh, yeah, a whole lot of Nirvana..."