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“There’s little doubt that Kevin has succeeded in putting together a masterpiece, a vision of art boxed into music.”

“She Colors My World celebrates life, love, & music from its beginning to end in a range of colorfully blissful & heartfelt emotions – there’s not a single doubt in my mind that the world could use a large dose of what Radio Drive is all about right now…it’s great to have’em back.”

“This is an accessible, sonic effort sounding like a clever compendium of influences filtered through the talent of one of the better underground indie rock composers around, rather than just another record aping something else. There’s a very good chance the personable stories and delectable melodies of “She Colors My World” will win you over.”

“Radio Drive’s recently released project She Colors My World is one that brings a bright and emotionally open collection of songs that seem to float somewhere between indie-pop and the more classic rock sounds of the 70’s.”

“Taking Responsibility For Your Music Career with Radio Drive Featuring Kevin Gullickson”

“Radio Drive is one of those rare bands that can have positive and interesting things to say within the context of 3-4 minutes, while still providing great entertainment. The band is fresh, innovative and talented.”

““Radio Drive is onto something important about expression through pop music; they deserve to be listened to...””

MusicPerk Magazine

“‘Radio Drive has quickly found themselves on the fast track in the indie rock scene. Keep an eye out for them’.”

Aliiive Magazine - Aliiive Magazine

““Slick pop-ready rock in vein of Depeche Mode via Coldplay”.”

Devon Jackson - Formerly with Rolling Stone Magazine

““Radio Drive’s “A Taste Of Heaven” is a joyous anthem that exudes a blaze of glorious melodic sunshine, with a chorus so catchy you’ll be singing it in the shower. Lead vocalist Kevin Gullickson delivers the goods with feel-good pluck, while kaleidoscopic ””

Chuck Taylor - Chuck Taylor Entertainment journalist, formerly writer Billboard Mag

““...a brilliant independent artist”.”

““...a brilliant independent artist” - NBT Online Radio, Berlin, Germany, July 2011.”

Martin - NBT Online Radio

"This Is Our Time is one of the best albums we have reviewed this year, and I would personally like to hear where Gullickson will go from here."

“This is Our Time is certainly an album which has a lot to offer. There is variety and some damn good pop music”. Music Emission, April 2012”

““Thank you Radio Drive for opening my eyes & ears as this record really hit a chord with me and I’m sure it will with others as well”. Skope Entertainment, April 2012”

“There's no denying that an album is successful when almost every song makes you literally dance ridiculously around your house. Life Today, the newest release by Radio Drive, made me do just that, while clearly reaching me with its message to enjoy life. The music is just as positive as the lyrics, but none of it comes across as sugary pop. It's intricate guitar work and upbeat drums that make the songs snap and sing all on their own. Gullickson is a talented writer and composer, and it's obvious in each and every song. Life Today is an album that will make you appreciate your day, no matter how bad it's going, without making you want to roll your eyes or feel like you need to hug a rainbow. It's exactly what I hope Gullickson intended. Key Tracks: Life Today, Let's Get Started, Rising High, When Hearts Grow Cold Abbey K. Davis – Sr. MuzikReviews.com Staff November 30, 2010 ©MuzikReviews.com For Questions Or Comments About This Review Send An Email To info@muzikreviews.com”