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“Radical9Mind was the recipient of a Black Essence Nomination on October 9th, 2010, in South Bend IN. Award received from Black Essence Awards Inc.,”

Black Essence Awards Inc.,


Karen Pfeifer CEO - Black Essence Awards Inc

“CONSPIRACY" ... a scream for justice! I love your work my Brother! Carlos Mongrut”

“Brilliant! Such beauty in your words. I was caught up in your poetry, [Mental Beauty] and captured by the light that came from your words. Let the Goddesses stand tall! As wives and Queens. Thank you for sharing this truth. Peace to you and Love to the inspirational Goddess, Staci POM Staff ”

Staff - Poetry Over Music

“Enjoyed your poetry, it is great to hear good Poetry!!”

Annette Hayes (fan) - Reverbnation

“I go all over these charts listening. I like knowing whose doing what, [who’s] got what. Feel me? You, my musical friend, have a major skill set and I appreciate you much!”

Artist GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor) - Reverbnation

“You are really good master poet”

Lady Blues Jacqueline - Poetic Works

“Your poem PERSONAL TREASON has reached across the miles to say "you are not alone". You reach out and touch everyone's pain and this reflects your own. Empathy is a gift and you have been blessed with an abundance.of it. I love your work too! Blessings, Sandra ”

Sandra Lester - Poetry Over Music

“Thank you. The issues you address in your work, are real, and true, even if people choose to ignore them Very moving. ”

Sandra Lester - Poetry Over Music

“Dr Radical Mind Victim of Circumstance is the shit. The music behind it is amazing.”

Jay Reel - Poetry Over Music

“Good to see someone spreading a conscious message man. respect!”

Artist - r. chee - Reverbnation

“Powerfully Moving! Keep up this GREAT WORK! You are without a doubt standing on our ancestors shoulders. You represent US! It is my honor to know you. ”

Marvin Krazy Crawford - We Are Creative People

“Brother you drop that fiyah!!!”

The Elder Beatmaster - Thenewwordorder.com

“Just wanted to say how much I love this track [Victim of Circumstance]. I'm adding it to my 'Eclectic Playlist' which I'll play several times a week.”

Mark - Reverbnation

“LOVE your poetry...the accompanying music is so mellow and jazzy...love it....I'm a fan!”

Tasha Stewart - Ourstage.com

“This is some seriously smooth truth. Very nice~”

Celestial Dancer - Ourstage.com

“Really nice work Radical Mind. I admire your storytelling capabilities poet. These are the types of musical and poetic works that will lay groundwork for what our social net worth becomes. Send me the mp3 for summer rotation on PD syndicated radio. Peace Poet Max ”

Maximus Parthas - Ourstage

“Hey Radical Mind!!! Loving the vibe over here. Your poetry is HOT!”

Kprincess - The Hotsawce.com

“The truth in this romantic reminder of strength and weakness is SO damn sexy, empowering, enlightening, strengthening! I feel this piece as a subtle anthem. As a walking conscience of a baseline tip toeing across the third eye for a lady to see that the real WILL to LIVE FREE is found within SHE.”

Amina1389Definity - Ourstage.com

“This is 3d papa bear I listen to all your song poems and you are real deep and for real keep up the good work;; peace ”

3d papa bear - Ourstage.com

“Thanks for being a friend. Really like your work. ”

Roscoe-Kameltow(us)'s - Ourstage.com

“Beloved you are a Master Storyteller/Griot! Once God opens a door for you... no one can shut it. Be patient... Your time is coming. Much Love & Respect Forever Your Fan & Sister ”

Crystal Cartier, VP, Moiko Records - Ourstage

“Awesome hearing such a vibrant voice. Still #1FANS ”

Sugar Bear Trio - Ourstage

“Came and listened, such a sad, but true story. Wonderful voice and music background.”

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“I'm vibin off of "The Walking Dead". The vibe is smooth, sultry, jazzy. The vocal delivery is flawless. Oh yes, my brother, I am LOVING this.”

Amina1389Definity - Ourstage.com

“Hi man nice work/song in this,really enjoyed it keep bringing them out cheers n peace nice truth storyteller art-reality man!!! ”

Tompaz - Reverbnation