Rachel Wong / Press

“Luckily, Rachel has figured out how to navigate through the maze of showbiz and how to recognize the difference between becoming "the next big thing," and and doing something that will make a difference.”

“An alumnus of the Evergreen High "We The People" student group, pop singer and songwriter Rachel Wong, was also a finalist in Ford's "Gimme the Gig II" nationwide talent search for the ultimate independent musician. She will bring her talent home to headline two fundraising events, March 22 and 29, benefitting the students' campaign.”

“You have probably seen her on YouTube, or heard one of her songs on iTunes, and I am sure we can all agree that Rachel Wong (StarCentral Magazine’s Female Artist of the Month for March 2014) is definitely an amazing artist. It could be because of her songs, which are very much relatable, or probably, her soulful voice that confirms she has one heck of a talent. But whatever makes us want to listen to her hits, it is no doubt that Rachel Wong is on the road to stardom.”

"Rachel Wong’s sophomore album, Letters to You, is a soulful and beautiful collection of music. Her voice is clear, powerful, not bogged down with embellishments and is the true masterpiece of the album."

“This summer, the 25-year-old Chinese-American singer-songwriter is releasing her sophomore album, “Letters to You,” and she hopes that the album shows her continuing maturity in music.”

“There's no doubt that Seattle musicians are breaking new ground every day, and Vancouver, WA, native Rachel Wong is another Northwest artist rockin' our radar.”

“Rachel Wong has been involved in music in some way for most of her life, starting with piano lessons at the age of three. Her dedication paid off when she was chosen as a Top-12 Finalist for Ford’s nationwide “Gimme the Gig II” Contest in 2012.”

“Why do we love her? She's an up-and-coming musician with a unique sound — and we can't get enough of it.”

“You sound fantastic. We're very proud of you.”

“Nothing could have prepared me for the power of voice and lyrics of Rachel Wong...”

"One of Rachel’s special talent as a song writer is her innate ability to draw from everyday love and loss and use it to connect with her fans. Combine that with her soothing vocals and catchy style, and we’ve got a recipe for a top 12 Gimme the Gig artist!"

“Working with Rachel on the Curtain Fall music video was an amazing experience. Not only is she a very talented singer and songwriter, but her lyrics tell a story that people can connect to on several levels,” said John Wakayama Carey, filmmaker”

"Far from a curtain fall but rather curtain rising, Wong’s work exemplifies her own life and speaks for itself as a debut album. She writes all of her music and most of the inspiration for this album comes from her personal experiences along with those of her friends, said Wong...Every so often one discovers a local artist that seems to catch your attention. Rachel Wong’s music does just that. Her distinctive personality is personified in her vocals, rifts and chords. She is a fresh addition to Seattle’s music scene and our local API community."

"All the songs [on the "Curtain Fall" album] have that catchy acoustic theme that everyone loves. There is no doubt that you will relate to just about every one of the songs just because they are about everyday life experiences."

“There's no doubt that Seattle musicians are breaking new ground every day, and Vancouver, WA, native Rachel Wong is another Northwest artist rockin' our radar.”

“Her successes thus far are a product of a lifetime of passion.”