Rachel B / Press

"If ever there was a time for females to finally, rightfully, and deservedly burst out of the shadows of others and prove they are just as powerful as anybody, it is today’s movement. Singer-songwriter Rachel B is not inching into the spotlight–she is lighting her own stage. Out of respect for this empowering songstress, she will not be classified."

"Rachel uses her voice the way that an artist uses a brush. With it, she creates new worlds and colors that stir the heart and the imagination."

Panos Panay - Sonicbids

"Rachel Borovik, who released her debut record last month at this world-renowned jazz club, is part 50′s lounge singer and part R&B radio starlet, with some neo-soul to wash it down."

“The pop singer/songwriter began studying composition with jazz pianist Jeff Haas when she was barely old enough to reach the keyboard. "When she was 10, her mom brought her over to play me an original song. It was 'Don't Slam The Door On Your Way Out Of My Heart,'" said Haas, who worked with Borovik through high school. "She really has an ability to whittle things down to their visceral elements: lyric and melody. There's a beauty in simplicity.”

"Rachel B is a natural show woman who can seduce with a look and make you fall in love with a note. Her stage presence is best described as a posed muse who makes a room full of strangers quickly become intimate friends."

-Kim Barry - West 11