Rachael Magidson / Press

"Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Rachael Magidson accompanies her transcendent delivery of lyrics and authentic interpretive vocals with exquisite ... percussion"

"A really good jazz sound has come out of France ...Rachael Magidson hails from San Francisco, California and is a swing singer in addition to playing Flugelhorn and percussion.

" Her dark and refined flugelhorn also adds a nocturnal mystique .... Her gorgeously mellow and fat tone on ... blows like a fragrant and heady breeze .

"…frighteningly hedonistic impact…Magidson is one of those song stylists … that pretty much has her way with you emotionally. You could easily succumb to a state of bewitched, bothered bewilderment"

“The more you delve into this wonderful ensemble’s sound the more it transports you to a speakeasy in the "1930’s and you almost at times feel you are reminiscing at a Billie Holiday show – it is almost uncanny how much Magidson captures Holiday’s unique delivery."”