Racecar / Press

“The music you guys created is real cool. Keep making those hit songs.”

“The band finds its legs on "Make It Happen," going into The Church territory, circa Gold Afternoon Fix or Starfish. This is what the band is really good at - moody tracks without any obligation to shift into major-chord good-time rock and roll.”

“On Racecar's Dance Like A Ghost CD, the band proves they know how to write and produce a solid record - all the right elements are there. Expertly recorded and mixed, this is a great demonstration of what the band knows how to do in the studio.”

“Racecar Smokes The Santa Fe Brewing Compnay Open Mic! I mean, my God people. He put everyone - - except the female mariachi band, of course - - in our humble and rightful place. Check him ot sometime, everyone.”

"I just realized that your band reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Aramus Heiss - Aramus

““Dance Like a Ghost” by Racecar that makes an emotional impact. The lyrics have a poetic groove that reflects the troubling and empty aspects of life. The musical score is rich and strong. This is a superbly entertaining song.”

R09003RZ, Mixing Tech - Vh1's Save the Music Foundation, Song of the Year

“I love the new sound on the CD!”

“. Racecar possesses the ability to tackle different styles, from experimental electronic pieces like “Dance Like a Ghost” to the breezy, stripped-down acoustic tracks like “Man Walking,” to the pop rock sounds of “Kisses In the Morning.””

“I love your sound.”

Zobeck - Tony

“Saturday afternoon... watching UK at Georgia... listening to the excellent new Dance Like a Ghost record. “Life can be long and hard / short and devastating / that's when I cry the most / dance like a ghost”. Very Cool. -- Hayseed 2008 ”

“I’ve really been immersed in listening to your CD ‘Dance Like a Ghost’.”

Kirby - Thomas

“The new CD arrived Saturday and I think it is great! I will be featuring 2 tracks on the Sunday show between 4 and 5 PM UK time! Very Best Wishes. Dee.”

“I respect the music’s underlying notion of spirituality and a quest for truth.”

“I just wanted to share with you the healing effect of your song. This song touched me spiritually so very deep, it brought tears into my eyes and a overwhelming sensation of joy and release of so much mental pain I was enduring.”

Unknown - Unknown

“Got the CD on Thursday. Listened to it Friday. Plan to start playing tracks from it on the Den tomorrow (Monday).”

“Thank you Racecar. I ckecked out your material... Nice... Besides myself I have a few people who dig that style... I will pass on the word...”

“Racecar demonstrates to be very good at exploring the curves of hypothetical dusty and sandy country sides during a sunset in the heart of the United States and bringing to life new sensations.”

Dolorean Grey - In Your Eyes Zine

"It is hard for me to tell but there might be a real top notch song under all this."

““Man Walking” is reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel a la “The Sound of Silence.” The song is just acoustic guitar and two harmonizing male voices, which is very intimate, honest, and stunning.”

“The result is something current that embraces other writers like Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, but is created in a more modern way that is not withered. ”

Dolorean Grey - In Your Eyes Zine