Rabid Rabbit / Press

““... an extra dose of brutal bowel-massaging bottom end. The album’s seven tracks display a nice variety of moods, from avant-jazzy badass to posthardcore badass to dreamy doom badass. (Badass is so a mood!)... “ ”

Monica Kendrick - Chicago Reader

"...recalls avante-garde sludgecore and drone bands like Isis and Earth, but the quartet is far more focused than both of these groups combined... just because their instruments are tuned down to C doesn't mean they can't toss in an unexpected insttrumental freakout or unrelenting drum assault..."

the onion

““...Chicago’s Rabid Rabbit, an impromptu doom and noise rock quartet that’s extraordinarily unordinary... a never ending mass of rolling, psychedelic grooves...” ”

““...crackling riffs ring out against backdrop of forceful rhythms all glued together by the twin bass drones with only minimal vocals to rise out of the tunnel of sludge...subtle nuances that become more apparent with each subsequent listen ... ”

““...Suffocating left-field stoner sludge and noise. Filthy feedback drenched raw ambiance from deepest Chicago..."”

““...has the feel of unbridled experimentalism, where the musicians simply took the dropped tunings, distortion and aggression of metal/extreme music and used them as raw materials for their own unusual and occasionally unexpected constructs...” 8 out of 10 Eden Tepedelen DECIBEL ”

Eden Tepedelen - DECIBEL