Rabbit’s Got The Gun / Press

“Another super-tight band is the funk-rocking Rabbit’s Got the Gun, whose ability to shift time signatures is downright scandalous in its awesomeness.”

““Any time a local artist gets an opportunity to get their songs played is positive,””

"...an odd amalgam of metal, soul, pop, hip-hop, and rock."

"...the wildly popular local funk-rock outfit Rabbit’s Got the Gun"

"The room was fixated on the spectacle onstage."

“Rabbit invited Alexis Ryann, who couldn’t have been more than 12, to sing along on her favorite song, “Lightning.” ”

"RGTG, a ragtag cast of talented musos..." "From its amped-up original material to covers ranging from Gloria Gaynor to Radiohead, the band can do just about anything technically."

"I'm pretty sure the Fort Worth quartet (Rabbit's Got the Gun) has nothing to do with John Updike or his most beloved fictional doppelganger." "They're funky and melodic and the lead singer definitely has a Seal thing going on, and not just 'cause he's African-American."