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"Lost Children is a haunting record, replete with bleeding-heart vocals set to intense and lush piano. It’s an altogether eerie, dark and beautiful bedtime story....What seems to come through loudest is her ability to evoke a flood of emotion, giving the listener a sense of witnessing something sacred, intimate and somewhat tortured."

"San Francisco-based, Saratoga-raised indie singer-songwriter-pianist Rabbit Quinn dazzles with her hauntingly beautiful debut album. Gorgeous melodies, literate lyrics, sumptuous piano passages and exquisite, often astonishing vocals combine to create drama and poignancy. Listeners may detect traces of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, but Quinn establishes her own impressive, eloquent style. Classical and theatrical elements emerge, in addition to a wide palette of pop. Each of the 11 tracks here is a glittering gem."

"San Francisco songwriter Rabbit Quinn's classical piano training is evident in how smooth, textured and fluid her songs are. She weaves elements of theatrical ballads and pop music with her penchant for classical music. The result is haunting, gentle and catchy all at once."

"Quinn uses the piano to seamlessly blend elements of pop and rock styles for a sound that is always rhythmic yet never without plenty of catchy melodies."

Red Rock Coffee, Co.

"With thoughtful lyrics, moving melodies and a gorgeous voice...Quinn is on the verge of reaching infinitely more listeners."

Paul Freeman - Waking up from the American Dream

"San Francisco pianist Rabbit Quinn brings on the alternative piano rock!"

Palo Alto Online