Rabbi Darkside / Press

“Few underground hip-hop artists in New York have had the staying power of Rabbi Darkside.”

“Plenty of jazz and funk samples flipped into some boom bap that is just ready for some lyricism to shine on top. Fortunately, Darkside is up to the task... 8 out of 10.”

“Complex rhyme schemes…with a probing, righteousness and wit.”

"A great education for people who may not be familiar with the music and culture [Hip Hop]."

"Whether it's in the classroom or through music, Rabbi D is an educator like no other."

"...["Building the Better Bomb"] has a clear message to educate and better the world. Optimism is complemented by great beats, witty lyrics, and intelligent references. This album is also intensely personal..."

“I love this album! Got it from Fat Beats. I can say Rabbi D is the BEST freestyle artist EVER. I catch him at Sin Sin and he never disappoints.”

Son Son - itunes review

“Top 10 White Rappers List: "The old school flavor of Rabbi Darkside..."”

"[Rabbi D] has proven to... rappers and fans across the city that he indeed has the funk."

Dani McLain - Columbia Journal

"Hip Hop impresario"

"Hip Hop resides w/ folks like Rabbi Darkside"

"That looked and sounded like Brooklyn to me."