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“A severe heat advisory has been issued and a scorching hot summer is in effect. 30 different artists of different genres from all over the world combine to create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are possible. Keep an ear out, your eyes open, and when possible, drink plenty of water. The heat advisory forecast has been issued for the following 30 artists (in no particular order): 11) Quintin Gray is out of Bowling Green, Kentucky and right now, he is in the studio with Kyng Of Da Beatz Productions and is gearing up for his upcoming high-profile single with the Ying Yang Twins. The video for “Where Did You Get That” that features Ying Yang Twins is currently in the works with acclaimed video-director McKinley Presents who is known for his work with Mr. Boomtown and his numerous videos placed on major network channels. Recently, Quintin Gray has shared the stage with Travis Porter, Nappy Roots, Hurricane Chris and others”

“Interview: We’re right here with Quintin Gray. What was life like growing up in Kentucky? Quintin Gray: It was rough at times. You have some of the same problems that you find in major cities like a lot of drugs and violence but in my part of the State you don’t have access to some of the good things about city life like something as simple as public transportation. Interview: You clearly went through a lot as a child, seeing different ongoing negative activities. How did that affect you? Quintin Gray: Yeah I definitely saw a lot of negative like family members being involved in the drug game a lot of domestic violence but it just taught me to be a more positive influence. I learned a lot about how you should treat a lady instead of what I saw being done. I did get caught up in the dope game for a minute but I left that alone because I realized it was a game that I couldn’t win and I had bigger plans for my life. ”

“Quintin Gray: I did a couple of tracks on my own and took it to them and the rest is history. I literally got with them on one day and the next day they had me opening for Travis Porter. Since then I’ve opened for people like Hurricane Chris and Nappy Roots. Interview: Cool! Do you have any new projects in the works? Quintin Gray: I will be on the “Hell and Back” Mixtape and Tan-D’s “TaxFree 2” mixtape. I am dropping a couple of singles during the third quarter in preparation for a late fourth or early first quarter release. Interview: Great! Do you have any last words before I let you go? Quintin Gray: Be on the lookout for “Where you get That” followed by “Get it Jumping.” Also make sure you download that “She’s Bad” on reverb nation. Peace to Tan-D, Kyng of Da Beatz productions and to everyone out there trying to shine. Look for me at a store near you, a billboard in your city and hanging with you on da corner. I’m going to be everywhere”

“Excerpt from Quintin Gray Interview with Lunatic Interview: Cool. Tell us about your current single “Where You Get Dat” featuring the Ying Yang Twins. Quintin Gray: Well the concept came from Mamaz Boy and He and J-Mel did the track. After I got through with my part Mamaz Boy was like it’d be a club classic if we could get Ying Yang on the track. It was an honor to work with those cats. They are some humble down to earth peeps, you would never guess that they are platinum selling artist because they are such cool people; I can’t wait until we work on another track. Interview: Nice. Where can our readers and your fans catch you at? What’s your Twitter, website, etc? Quintin Gray: Hit me up on www.facebook.com/IQGray, follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/quintingray and www.reverbnation.com/quintingray. If you are interested in booking me for a show email me at beatzkyng@gmail.com. ”

“Raptalk spoke with Quintin Gray regarding a number of topics including his new Ying Yang Twins featured single, Tan-D, H-N-B, Kyng Of Da Beatz Productions, Drop Work Music Group and more. Heres an excerpt from the interview to read the entire interview visit raptalk.net Interview: I see. You teamed up with Tan-D to form H-N-B; how did that come about? Quintin Gray: Well Tan and I are both from Hoptown. We got some mutual people that felt like we would make a good fit together, so H-N-B was formed. You have to understand H-N-B ( Hell N Back) is not just a group thing It’s more of a movement , its our version of Wu-Tang where you have some great talent come together to create something special but are able to maintain their own identity at the same time. ”