Quintana Biffert / Press

“Following last year's highly successful release of her CD, "Call His Name," Quintana recorded her second gospel CD while in Branson. "The response to 'Call His Name' has been phenomenal," Debi says. "The Lord has really blessed Quintana and her gospel CD." Currently plans are to have the new CD, "Now My Life Song Sings," ready for release in early 2011. For more information about Quintana and her music, see her Facebook page: "Quintana Biffert Fan Page." ”

“I think this review was in Jan or Feb of 2010 - Quintana’s vocal delivery will take you back to the days of transistor radios blasting out the sounds of the legendary Grand Ole Opry and if this is what we can expect from her going forward then I believe it is only a matter of time before the legendary WSM is blasting her out of your speakers as she stands on the hollowed circle upon the Opry stage singing her songs.”

“One Talented Teen - Quintana Biffert is just 18 years-old, but her singing and performing experience far exceeds her youth. Since age eight, the Halliday, N.D teen has been dazzling audiences with her singing and yodeling talents, performing in several states and earning many accolades along the way.”

“As she pursues a singing career, Quintana said, “I’ll go wherever it leads. I’ve always said, if it’s meant to happen, it will happen.” “Call His Name” is a gospel CD that was recorded in Branson, Mo. It will be available at the event, as well as her first CD titled “Dream.” T-shirts and autographed pictures also will be available. Quintana said the CD features country gospel songs. The title song, “Call His Name” was written by songwriter Barbara Wilkinson. Another featured song on the CD is one that Quintana wrote titled “Yodel in My Soul.” The first CD “Dream” features classic country songs, such as those made famous by country artists Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.”

“Quintana Biffert of Halliday won two major honors from the Country Gospel Music Association in Branson, Mo. She was named both the 2008 International Teenage Performer of the Year and Yodeler of the Year on Oct. 18.”

“Feb 2010 - Quintana Biffert released "Call His Name" her 2nd CD. This gospel CD is absolutely awesome and I encourage everyone to head over to her myspace page, take a listen, better yet, get you a copy....I promise you will not be disappointed....from originals to covering "The Seeker" , "In God Will Still Trust" and "God Must Be a Cowboy (At Heart)...she hits all the right notes and spots........do it....”

“AG Ministry Spotlight on 17-year-old Quintana Biffert, an AG teen with remarkable vocal talent. www.myspace.com/quintanabiffert”

“When I first heard Quintana Biffert sing she was a little 12-year-old girl who could knock your socks off with her version of "Coal Miner's Daughter." Her mom sent me a homemade (if I remember correctly) CD of the song and I played the heck out of it on my old internet radio station, RAM Radio. The song got a great response and it stayed near the top of the charts for us for several weeks. ”

“With her obvious talent the CMA's themselves may not be too far into the future for the Dakota darling. In the past it was her family that gave her the initial boost onto the stage. "When I was eight my two older sisters were getting ready for a talent show and mom was helping them practice. They took a break and I put on the song, “Honey, I’m Home” by Shania and started singing. Everyone looked at me and said, “You’re gonna sing tonight”. I did and won first place in the local talent show." ”