Quincy Mumford / Press

"Thursday afternoon's festivities got started with the Quincy Mumford Band, which combined enthusiastic stylings similar to the Grateful Dead, Phish and Dave Matthews. The Vibes opener succeeded in getting several hundred early birds wandering around the sprawling site and campgrounds down to the main stage."

"there's Quincy Mumford, a talented guy who can pack big rooms and is moving up the ladder faster than a fireman at a high-rise torching."

John Pfeiffer - Saint newsletter

“This singer/songwriter croons a soundtrack of beach jams that is light, smooth and upbeat...Sounds as though he has a good grasp of his own style.”

"More impressively, Mumford is able to channel iconoclastic influences like Ben Harper and the Grateful Dead yet avoid overt mimicry."

“And it shows. The singer-songwriter makes guitar rock that’s so thoughtful and mature, you’d never know he wasn’t old enough to get into most of the clubs he plays.”

"(Mumford) is going to give a few singer/songwriters a run for their money...the music on this album is phenomenal...Aside from his natural talent on guitar, his voice is nearly flawless. This debut self-titled album is a surefire summer favorite...(He) is going to do big things."

“Mumford, who was met with local acclaim last year thanks to his self-titled debut album, has one-upped himself with his latest work, the alternately funky and tender "South Edgemere."”

"Don't let his age fool you, on "Edgemere," Mumford's sound is definitively mature: no gimmicks, no bells, no whistles; just earnest pop with a touch of funk — and a whole lot of sea salt."