Queued Up / Press

“The genre power pop is applied to a ton of different bands these days, and plenty of them are way wussier than what Pete Townshend had in mind when he coined the term. Queued Up are not one of those bands. Their savage, jagged pop songs hark back to mid-'60s Who and Kinks, as well as their late-'70s resurrections, Dwight Twiley and the Jam. They're equally tuneful and aggressive, which is precisely what any group flaunting the power pop label ought to be. And while it may be thoroughly, spectacularly retro—the band wear matching, tight-fitting suits, hand business cards out at shows, and have a full-blown, borderline tawdry band logo—it seems to mostly come from an authentic place. I know it makes *me* wanna scream like it's 1964.”

"Maximum Power Pop" is a fitting appellation as everything this outfit does is cranked up to the highest volume. Queued Up's songs are tightly rehearsed blasts of three-part vocal harmonies, slashing guitar chords and attitude adapted from the playbooks of such likely influences as Arctic Monkeys and the Records.