Questionable Neighbors / Press

"We thought the Patriot Act would eliminate this kind of (expletive) trash from the net. We were wrong." ~John S. Pistole, TSA Director

Jean-Marie TOE - Sidwaya Quotidian (Burkina Faso)

“NEWS FLASH: Diva Bitch of Lupin Lodge Cover Band Ejects Chody for Smirking While Playing Stinking Covers, Yet Too Gutless to Tell Him To His Face ”

Jack Ash - Sunnyvale News

"On 2/5/12 a man, forced a music CD upon several residents in the downtown area. He is described as approximately 40 years old, disheveled, and never speaks. He ran away before questioned by officers."

Watch Commander Porcinius - Los Gatos Times Police Blotter

"Thank you for your comments regarding our Maxi Pad product line. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please write us again."

J. Sebring - Proctor and Gamble Customer Service Department

"Dear Sir, Please stop writing this paper about your band. We don't know who you are and your comments are not editorial material."

Junior Editorial Staff - New York Times

"I purged for three days after listening to that band's noise. I am bitter, and broken."

Katherine Sebelius - Journal of Health and Human Services

"Ghostly voice of Steve Driver Communicates through QN Lead Guitarist's POD"

Anonymous - Weekly World News


J. Dough - Cat Fancy