Quenby & the West of Wayland Band / Press

"Quenby...sings to us knowingly about heartache, loves lost and gained, hard life on the road, and can often be heard channeling the forbears of country and western." "Quenby's storytelling resonates of Bruce Springsteen back in Asbury Park." "...the music shuffles to the same beat as it did with Bob Wills 50 years ago." "Quenby's voice never disappoints. Her sweet sounding vocals on "I'm Too Old," and "How Far" surround me like a cyclone of bluebirds."

Murphy Blake - FarWest Almanac

“Listen to Q's interview live with Jim Carty on his show, Blues and Beyond, on WMFO, 91.5 Boston from March 26, 2011 and hear what he has to say about the music, straight from the Horse's Mouth. http://www.wmfo.org/popout_player.php?bitrate=256”

“Nearly all of the twelve songs on the album suggest that you get up out of your seat and move move move. 'Ten Day Love Affair', 'I'm Too Old', and the albums only cover song 'Pour Me' would all be at home in the juke box of your local neighborhood bar. 'Long Time Comin', the albums title track, is a liltingly soft look back at love lost--complete with a lonesome as hell sounding harmonica and some nice baritone guitar work. This album works well in part because Quenby stays close to the traditional country format, and partly because of the quality of musicians she has gathered here.”

Jacob Elliott - Ten-Second Buzz

““She sounds like the lesbian love child of Carly Simon and Patsy Cline””

Scott Streetman - The Horse's Mouth

““She has a nice way with her phrasing and it comes across beautifully on Train Whistle. The song is stunningly good.””

James Sutherland - Americanaok Radio

““Every time I add one of Q's songs to the station's playlist, my email box overflows with requests for more.””

Vinny Smith - HonkyTonkJunkie.com

"If Sugarland and The Allman Brothers ever made love, their baby would sound like Quenby & the West of Wayland Band. Quenby sings as good as she looks, the guitars and strings keep you movin', and they have this authentic, "feel-good sound" so many mainstream bands lack. You'll want to crank up "Train Whistle" in your car, and slow dance forever to "Long Time Comin”... and if you're lucky enough to see them live, you'll keep coming back, again and again. I love this band!”

J. Cyrus Smith, KNBC-TV, Los Angeles - The Horse's Mouth