Queen Kwong / Press

"Dancy...fuzzy...roadhouse? Makes me think of a Shirley Manson fronted Butthole Surfers on a minimalist bent being produced by some disco-cokehead from the mid-seventies...but in a good way."


"She really connects with the listener with her sly, coquettish tone, and dark, intriguing lyrics."

Music Connection Magazine

““Her songs would fit in nicely with "Live Through This"-era Hole, bringing an off-kilter sound that wails and teeters beautifully on the edge. It’s highly melodic rock that veers from aggressive to hauntingly confessional.””

““Queen Kwong has so much going for her: solid musicianship, solid sound, and a wonderful look, it’s the total package... It’s fresh and yet familiar. Queen Kwong can be so delicate and beautiful, yet at the same time dirty and harsh."”

Love Shack Baby (Chicago Music Blog)

““She snarls, yelps, growls, drips disdain and reminds me strongly of Prince of Darkness Trent Reznor’s breathy, emotional rage.””

M Dreamer Blog

“Their mix of alternative guitar riffs, tender yet aggressive vocals, coupled along with gorgeous harmonies from a violin and cello left me in a good mood for the rest of the night..They definitely have the wings for this flight called the music biz."”

LA RECORD - Queen Kwong Opening for NIN