Queenie May / Press

"For those who haven’t heard you how would you describe your style of music? It’s just like soft pop. It’s not too heavy but still has a funky kind of feel. It’s quite easy-listening-esque"

“Year 11 pupil, Queenie May, is set for stardom after her debut single Runaway was selected to be the record of the week on BBC Radio Wales. The song started life as one of her GCSE music compositions but she has since been signed by Optimum Records and is busy combining her studies with cutting her debut album. The label recognised Queenie May’s phenomenal potential as a singer/songwriter and are set to release Runaway in 240 countries. The single will be available for download and will be aired for the first time on BBC Radio Wales Monday 13th February. HMSG Head of Music, Mr. Mario Conway, has long been aware of her potential, saying “Queenie is a shy and unassuming pupil who has not always been aware of the pure and beautiful voice she possesses.”