Queen Elvis / Press

“Much of Queen Elvis strength lies in simplicity. There’s a lot to be said for a a simple melody or vocal line executed clinically and given room to breathe. When the sonic appeal of one instrument is sufficiently strong that it’s best not to have it diluted by other weaker sounds. This seems to be strategy very effectively employed by Queen Elvis. The amazing calibre and power of Caroline Stanley’s vocals are expertly aligned and bolstered by some equally wonderful accompaniment.read full review on link..”

“QueenELVIS Review By Mic (music critic) There is a beauty to QueenElvis' music that is hard to describe. As I sat and listened to the tracks of their "Little World" EP, my mind drifted to a world only their music could lead me to. Caroline Stanley's vocals are haunting, yet comforting. The guitars, the strings all faithfully compliment her voice and add depth to well written, thoughtful lyrics. Ireland has produced many great talents over the years now and QueenElvis stands among them.”

“Queen Elvis (cool name, huh?) play a pretty damn killer blend of laidback, dreamy, progressive trad, that marries new techniques and styles into the already tried and tested formula of soaring, traditional female vocals.Little World” is a broad EP, but of the same piece. “Round and Round” is a melancholic, vocal driven number, instruments lilting into view. Great string section, nothing at all generic or formulaic about it, it feels like a song you should have heard a long time ago. “Easy” verges on lounge jazz, a loop of percussion underneath a breezy horn lead.. A summer song if ever there was one. “Rockabye Baby” utilises samples of children playing, not unlike Radical Face, it’s a pretty cool effect, adding atmosphere to this dreamy violin heavy reflection. Again the vocals are just perfect, it’s a voice used as every great voice should be; an instrument in itself. read full review on link”

“Round and Round is a waltz, featuring acoustic guitar and cello. The cello is plucked at first, making an almost percussive sound. Then we hear the amazing voice of Caroline Stanley. She sings powerfully in a low alto, with smoky tones. The only clear influence here of traditional Irish music comes in some of the bowed lines in the cello. Over all, Round and Round is a song of war, given a stern beauty by this performance.”

“Galway workhorses Queen Elvis are driven by Caroline and Colin Stanley, who gigged extensively in the 90s, had a little sit down and a cup of tea, and came back five years later with a new haul of soulful dreamy songs – think ‘Paper Moon’ stripped down to guitar and mournful cello, with Caroline’s bold gaelic lilt issuing from a cave of echo. At points the songs are absolutely filmic, opening windows onto scenes of lost innocence. Rockabye Baby’s soaring strings and found fragments of children playing, or the birdsong, walking bass and pizzicato strings at the start of Round and Round give way to some wonderfully characterful strings in the Irish tradition. As Robyn Hitchcock sang, “Some are made and some are born to be Queen Elvis.” ”

“To Lull : to cause to sleep or rest;. soothe or calm. On first listening to the Little World EP by Queen Elvis, one could easily be lulled; their songs sway you from side to side with beautiful arrangements along with Caroline Kelly's vocals which are profoundly sweet with a solidity that is undeniable. It is on really listening to the lyrics that one realizes that there is so much more to what is "Queen Elvis" than their soothing sounds; this band is very much about our times with its travails and challenges- they make us think.”

“Queen Elvis have to be one of Ireland's hardest working bands travelling from one end of Ireland to the other bringing their sound into every singer songwriter club and venue they can, Little World EP just shows how much passion and talent this Galwegian folk group have, three songs capture the elements of folk music by the heart and the strong passionate vocals of Caroline K Stanley will leave a distinct feeling to your ears of musical rejoice. ”

““I think this could be a new leaf in the singer songwriters tale in Ireland today as Queen Elvis has tapped into an original sound that is fresh to the scene". Rank: ****** 6 out of 6 ”

“Key to sound is Caroline’s wonderful, soulful voice. Of course having a lovely voice is one thing, using it to effect is another. Their choice of style and undoubted song writing ability brings out the best in that voice. Colin, I suspect, is the quiet one; his contribution is less obvious but just as important and would be missed if it were not there. This EP is experienced rather than just listened to. I look forward to a full album with more of the same and, hopefully, with Queen Elvis pushing their own boundaries set on this EP. ”

“There's something about Caroline's voice that reminds me of The Glee Club. Queen Elvis write indie-folk tunes with nice melodies and great lyrics.”