Qual / Press

“Headless Dog Music Presents a performance of sacred, solitary hymns by industrial shaman Anthony Jedvabny, founder of the industrial-age classical ensemble Qual. It has been nearly twenty years since this composer's first pulsed-wave-sonic-assault on outmoded mythologies. Orgone Physics was the concept album of its time and has influenced at least a generation of gothic-industrial art rock and atonal composers. Mr. Jedvabny - singer-songwriter, painter, photographer - continues to create new musical forms and neuro-somatic circuits. June 12, 2001 is the first Philadelphia appearance of this new-era prophet since 1993 and is a must-hear and see for anyone interested in the future evolution of music, art and planetary consciousness. (..you'd know you wouldn't want to miss this!)”

thaddeus quay - phillygrooves