“Thank you very much for sending emails , visits and support for me . I am very happy to be acquainted with you ... I really hope to be successful in the future .. and I will think about it .. whatever I have done .. All it so that I can achieve what I aspire ... success always for you .. hope we keep in communication .. even though we are different countries and languages ​​.. but I 'm sure we could have the heart of the music . and continue to visit and listen to my music . Happy New Year 2015 Earn what you want in this year ... keep the spirit and always successful for you https://twitter.com/qtingproperty greetings qtingproperty”

“I'm glad ... see my past memories but Sometimes I hate it when old injuries that arise and make this heart scratched small but very deep very painful and uncomfortable all the stories there in my songs if you want to listen You can visit many of my page I will always be happy if you .. appreciate the work of others success is always with you and keep the spirit Techno regards alternative pop music collaboration Qtingproperty Band”

- - LiStEn @nD wAtCH mY pAgE

“Qtingproperty band established since 2002, called Qtingproperty why, when I was studying in the faculty of engineering, my long curly hair and dreadlocks, just like regge children, they call me "qting" ... because my hair "curly", and I liked it, and why there should be the word "property", maybe at that time I was obsessed by my colleagues in the Bank, so any stationery that my friends, is labeled "property" .. then I have a proposal to form a band with the name .. "Qtingproperty Band "... that's the story .. and the meaning of Qtingproperty itself is Qting (said" cute Thing ") means good taste and beautiful, it means the property belongs to me, so Qtingproperty means good taste and beautiful is mine .. . smile please :)”