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Q. Michael / Press

“TRUE love is it's own oxymoron; it is perfectly imperfect, practically impractical, and possibly impossible...”

“I am neither a lover nor a fighter; I am BOTH in the name of love...”

“Deception and subterfuge hold no water to unadulterated honesty...”

“There is no 'But' in 'Apology,' and there are no exceptions to Forgiveness...”

“Cocky stands for I > You, Confidence stands for I >/= Me...”

“It's not WHO you love, it's THAT you love...”

“When the ego has been edged, the heart will harvest in abundance...”

“With a back-up or fall-back in place, a primary plan will almost certainly fail...”

“The truth is nomadic in nature; it exists alone & is objective and unbiased...”

“The best part about defecting the grapevine is that I now embrace the misconceptions as the perfect shield...”

“I am alone but far from lonely; my serenity flows from NOT repeating my mistakes...”

“What I know I learned the hardest of ways, keep this in mind when I share my dreams of better days...”

“I am no stranger to jeers and taunts; I'd rather tell my own truths, lest they become haunts...”

“FEELING justified does not equivocate BEING justified; justice is found where bias is absent...”

“Insanity is a misconception I often use to mask the hero within...”

“My greatest achievement was at one time viewed as my biggest detriment: my ability to LOVE...”

“It brings me peace to give love, joy to induce laughter, & solace to spread knowledge...”

“I despise hypocrisy, so I actively make a valiant effort to mean what I say and show what I know...”

“Respect is universal, 'like' & 'love' are non-factors in regards to recognizing social etiquette & boundaries...”

“I never thought of myself as attractive or intelligent; I still have trouble believing people when I hear it...but I AM...”

“A job is a temporary, remedial 9-to-5, while a career is a lifetime commitment to your passion, paid or not...”

“Before I question the motives of my foes, I remind myself that I already know...”

“I am often misunderstood and even more often mistaken; I choose to focus forward rather acknowledge animosity...”

“My stamina and endurance as a dancer came naturally; never underestimate the power of discipline & resilience...”

“I am the invisible degree of separation that connects you all, though you won't see me unless I want you to...”

“The common misconception is that I crave fame & fortune; I never wanted to live, much less live FOREVER...”

“I don't use obscenities both to challenge my own vernacular... and to censor myself so others don't get to...”

“As a man with nothing left worth losing and everything to gain, my tolerance is at zero for tomfoolery...”

“Every tale, no matter how skewed or far-fetched, is rooted in truth; most are simply ill-equipped to seek it...”

“The main distinction between pessimism and realism is the ability to BE the light while shrouded in darkness...”

“The strength of my soul is defined by my ability to keep love as it should be: UNCONDITIONAL...”

“If an honest life is led, then all deception will reveal itself...”

“Reading is fundamental, and I do mean BOOKS, not LOOKS!”

“I am the Blueprint for Men in 2013; I am ordinary and nothing to fear, but if you do, then you SHOULD...”

“Thou shalt not defecate where consumption is common...”

“You can achieve thrice as much in silence as you can with any words...”

“If there's no push, there should be no pull...”

“If time and space are infinite, then all things are possible.”

“As a realist, I don't believe in happily ever after; I do, however believe that REAL love is unconditional..”

“Fame and fortune are afterthoughts; success is my way of proving to myself that I am too stubborn to give up...”

“Defiance is both ignoble and immature; coupled with productivity, however, defiance becomes perseverance...”

“My love is stronger than your hate, and my truth is more effective than your deception but we'll agree to disagree...”

“'If you've questioned the company you keep, see who still speaks and thinks fondly of you when you aren't present...”

“I am my mother's son; my daily goal is to touch one life, make someone laugh like crazy, and lift one spirit.”

“My belief system may be outdated and unorthodox, but it is far from skewed and even farther from delusional...”

“Life is but a game of chess, we must see every move before it happens to win...”

“If I were as crazy as they claim, I'd have been confined to a straitjacket long before now; I drove myself sane.”

“Truth is not meant to be brandished as a weapon, but rather as a candle to gently illuminate the darkness...”

“Someone who truly cares for you will show you, upfront and aloud; all others will appease and enable you...”

“A defiant vow of silence holds the same disregard as a blatant display of dishonesty...”

“In a world of doubt and indecision, I will be the ugly truth rising above the colorful lies...”

“Success comes to those who DESERVE it, not those who simply DESIRE it...”

“Nice guys might finish last, but they usually finish on TOP...”

“Respect is given until lost; in turn, credit is deserved when EARNED...”

“When rage, passion, and determination infuse, the result is inevitable success...”

“Gratitude is more than thank you, and an apology is more than I'm sorry; I show more than tell to MEAN what I SAY...”

“Objectivity is key when a hero learns to save; the price of his power is a sacrifice of personal bias.”

“Never put anything in writing that isn't intended as a headline; speech is twice as easy to discredit.”

“'Oddly enough, learning to let go is like most thing; the more you do it, the easier it gets...'”

“I can SEE past the SURFACE, but it's the God within me that will SHATTER the SOUL-LESS...”

“Once you invite TRY into a room with you, SUCCESS is infected by airborne DOUBT and fades into FAILURE.”

“I thrive in humility more than pride, but if you believe I'm conceited, then I already have a reason...”

“I've never been the villain; I'm simply the anti-hero who wasn't expected to triumph over the storm...”

“Sometimes the silence you hear says everything you don't...”

“The peanut gallery thought they could break me, but instead, I broke the mold...”

“'Just as a dalmatian cannot will away his spots, wisdom nor change cannot be imposed upon the unwilling...'”

“The ability to listen and see twice as much as we speak is wisdom at its best...”

“A dream should never be deferred without just cause or the prospect of negative repercussions...”

“An excuse is the slothful man's way to justify his flaws rather than admit to and work to remedy them...”

“Changing the game to channel the change...”

“We cannot fight fire with fire, but we can re-ignite the flame with love, hope, and optimism...”

“To give in is submissive, but to give up is senseless; logic prevails over egotism on most levels...”

“I need not a building nor a congregation to express my faith; I live my LIFE in total praise....”

“It's always easier to feed into deception than to concede to brutal honesty...”

“The greatest triumphs are sure to follow the heaviest storms...”

“A dream is often an achievement conceived by hope and destroyed by doubt...”

“To see beyond the darkness, we must bathe under the moon; to hear beyond the din, we must deafen our ears with silence...”

“I skirt the fine divide between love and hate; I know that they exist as one melody with two octaves in emotional harmony.”

“Life is even more ironic and beautiful when we reflect on the past in terms of learning rather than wallow in the regrets...”

“I have had so many psychotic breaks that I actually induced a breakthrough of sanity...”

“‎Acting foolishly made me smarter, forcing blindness made me see, and being crazy made me sane; change was inevitable, not the enemy.”

“The law may be reason-free from passion, but with faith and love, justice will prevail with or without a badge.”

“For me, crazy is a plausible way of life... ignorance, however, is something I have never been privy to...”

“Unconditional love is not just about who/what you'd die for, but who/what you'd kill for.... love & hate are the same emotion...”

“Truth is objective and exists without bias... there is no I in Truth, but there is a U...”

“Sometimes you have to get played to know how to win the game...”

“Any bird can catch the worm, early or not; the right bird can capture the soul...”

“'Blessed are the brokenhearted; we are the strongest because we have fallen the hardest...”

“If you say it, mean it. If you know it, show it. If you feel it, do it.”

“'SAYING that you're sorry exemplifies that you ARE sorry, but SHOWING you're sorry exemplifies that you MEAN you're sorry...'”

“'The four biggest obscenities in my household as a child were 'can't,' 'sorry,' 'I dunno' and 'never.'”

“'I have never been a saint, and I am far from perfect... I am just more mature, more aware, and actively being the change I wish to see....'”

“'The lack of vulgarity and excess of wit makes for a better quality of humor, inevitably provoking more thought than offense...'”

“'I've been here for years, blood, sweat and tears, y'all just think I'm wet behind the ears....'”

“'The throne is waiting for me, but while others are watching IT, I'm taking notice of who's watching ME...”

“'If you knew where I'd been, you wouldn't hate where I'm going...'”

“'If you think it's a game, then I'll teach you how to play....'”

“'Changing the World, One Song At A Time...'”