Pyrael / Press

“JAS: What is the biggest misconception about Pyrael ? S.S.: I think the biggest misconception is what it's about. People have this belief that if you play dark music, you are promoting Satanism or something. The funny thing is, you could spend hours on the lyrics in my songs and finally just say "Well f*ck, I have no idea what he's promoting". That's because it's easily interpreted on a personal level, but for a wider audience? Well, you can't generalize it. JAS: So what's next for Pyrael ? S.S.: Right now, Just to get the album finished and promote the sh*t out of it. To here more from Steve Schwarz's Band Pyrael go to his facebook page where you can here some of his tracks and show them the same love they have shown us here at Jen A Sys http://www.facebook.com/PYRAYEL ”