PWN / Press

“KANSAS CITY – Punks with Narcotics (aka PWN) are the next big thing! Their music is a narcotic. Once you hear it you will want more of it! Discovered by Hollywood Ric-Hard and Dis Most, who are Both West Coast Rappers at the talent showcase they held at The Rivers Bend Restaurant in Parkville, MO these guys have what it takes to make it all the way to the top.”

“n Parkville, a few weeks ago, Rapper/Promoters Ric Hard and Dis Most did a showcase of new talent at ‘The Rivers Bend Restaurant & Bar’ located at 2nd Main St. It was a total success which uncovered the sensational group PWN, who was pure energy on stage. Everyone was mesmerized and enjoyed their music. They were great!”

“PWN Soundlab was conceived in a Kansas City, MO basement, when close friends came together to collectively express the mindset shared by many in a generation that is fighting for a voice. The trio, while dabbling in Hip-Hop, Rock and Reggae, has largely been influenced by musical groups such as Bone Thugs and Harmony and Sublime. Our mission is to spread positive energy wherever we go, and to extend the PWN Movement to all who just want to get their kicks for free!”