PVC Street Gang / Press

“Were it not for Turbo Fruits' own somewhat in-your-face set, the night would've belong to PVC Street Gang, for sure, and not just because of the yucks attendees had over the fact that the PVC dudes have gone to almost painstaking efforts to make their new EP's packaging resemble a stomped-on cocaine baggie. The band, thankfully performing around town with some regularity again, offered up an unrelenting display for their 40-or-so-minute offering, reminding everyone in the room why Dallas was so up in arms over these guys when they broke through-ish (locally, at least) with their still-great 2009 single, "Cutlass."”

“It all began quite simply enough. As the PVC Street Gang was finishing up their set at this year's Lumberjack Fest in Denton at Dan's, venerable guitarist and all-around goofball, Ryan Thomas Becker, began grinding suggestively against a slim, petite brunette just near the front door. PVC Street Gang finished Cutlass, the song that was the soundtrack to the dance party, and the entire audience of close to 200 exploded in raucous applause, largely for the band, but also for the side show. It was that moment that snapped this year's Lumberjack Fest into place, and afterward, people all around the bar could be heard saying things like, "This band is nuts!" or "Man, I love this band! Been seeing them since, like, 08."”

"The beat and bass are undeniable and have been operating for decades, the voice has that rare balance between anger and mockery; guitars, punchy, cut here and there. All sentences are propaganda, slogans ready to bradados aloud. " "Best rock song of 2009 so far? Look, be in danger. And please stop with this lazy litany of "rock is dead". He always knew how to adapt to the zeitgeist, in sound and aesthetics. Looks like a cockroach. "

"It’s one of the songs of the summer, and you may not have heard it yet. “Cutlass” by PVC Street Gang is comprised of four simple elements: a basic bass line, minimal percussion, fuzzy guitars, and unison vocals. What makes it so amazing, though, is that each ingredient is used so sparingly. The end result: a white hot song that demands for you to dance. But the PVC Street Gang fun doesn’t stop with “Cutlass.” Their entire self-titled EP, which was released in June, is surprisingly dynamic for only having five songs. There’s the organ-toting and spooky “Nightmare City” and the sparse crooner, “Wolf Heart Torso.” But even though the songs don’t follow the same formula throughout, the EP upholds a fluidity throughout that’s important for any record to have. PVC Street Gang just one more testament to why you should be paying attention to Denton, Tx. Between their EP and the work of Fergus & Geronimo, that town is a hotbed for incredible music."

"And though they're exceedingly laid-back in person, when placed in front of a crowd, the trio manages to summon anger from hitherto unknown sources to become one of the area's best live acts. "

"Their sound diverges from that of most bands in the area. The music is dark, funky, and a bit creepy at times. But boy, you just can't turn it off once it is on"