“THE TOP 5 MOST REQUESTED TRACKS OF 2009: In no particular order. These are the tracks that blew up the request lines over and over again. These are the bands that stand apart from the rest. Their originality and unique brilliance in crafting kickass music will forever earn them a spot in our hallowed halls...PUSHMOWER: Kindness (FL) ”

“Again, another solid band, with great fan reaction was Pushmower. No push overs here, I loved the F-U attitude. Instead of devil horns their fans put up their fingers. Gotta love the rock n roll lifestyle. Great band, go see them live if you can.”

"I like these guys. Actually have their demo in my player at home."

"Great stuff!! Gotta love the twang on 'Running Man'!!!"

“From the Fort Myers area, PUSHMOWER plays full-tilt, grinding metal.”

“Then the men of the hour, Pushmower took stage. The energy is their live show is amazing!”