Accidents / Press

“I had not seen this band before, but I trusted Caustic Casanova to invite good bands for their CD release show. My trust was well served as this band instantly created raucous rawk music that bore down deep. Buzzsaw classic hard rock mixed with thrash metal mixed with gutsy punk rock. Although, that sounds like a lot, the approach was pretty simple... two guitars blazing away with bass and drums providing the thunder and a singer with a great piercing voice and stage presence. It was kind of Street Dogs meet MC5 in a way. Now if you are NOT doing the kind of guitar work I mentioned in the first set and ARE playing barre chords, it is easy enough to make it work if you have the energy and the hooks. That was all there and the singer with his Jello Biafra/early Paul Westerberg voice singing while hanging upside down from the rafters certainly made this exciting and fun. The sizable crowd tonight enjoyed this set as much as the first one.”

“Northern Virginia’s Accidents closed the evening with a frantic, grungy, punk-inspired set that deviated from the safer conventions of the night’s earlier acts. Singer John Felter thanked the audience for coming out on a chilly Tuesday evening, and proceeded to jump around like a manic spider-monkey for the next hour, pogoing around the Lounge’s diminutive stage as the band raged behind him. When the stage proved to be too small to contain him, he decided to hang upside-down from the ceiling, not missing a beat, not giving a fuck. I can safely say this was the first and likely the only time I’ll ever see a punk cover of 4 Non Blonde’s “What’s Up.” If you enjoy drunken (song titles: “Whiskey Dick,” “Drunk”), energetic, no-bullshit punk rock, be sure to keep your eye on Accidents.”

“These punk rockers from Northern Va have just released their four-track EP, a short but sweet collection of absolute rock ballads that are a good indication of the upward direction this band will go. Each song is the epitome of grunge rock - head banging and high energy. Their final track, "Of Life for the Boy with Wings," is an all-around success with captivating sounds and definitive rhythms. Lyrically impressive, one can only assume the track is paying homage to someone they lost. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of this empty space..." Never slowing down, their energetic chorus continues, "shake free this gravity is burying us up in flames and our ashes rise to the air..." Confirming our suspicions, they sing "your time has spent, time as you shed your weight, voices carry you away, shed a tear..." Drowning is a collective hit - and the fact that Accidents always put on a good live show doesn't hurt either.”