Pulse DFW / Press

“This is a band that I try to listen too Live every chance I get, and it’s not enough.”

“This was a surprisingly great album. I thought it was a bad idea investing in an unknown band, but I was blown away by the outstanding messages and melodies. Pulse is a band to look out for. They are a great band, and they should be sweeping the nation. I hope to see a new album arrive soon.”

“I love the guitar intro -- something light and yet sinister. It sounds like a dark Peter Gabriel track (something I didn't think I would say or hear! lol). Between this, the big drums and heavy electric guitars, the song really sells the pain and fear of a relationship gone bad. I love this. MORE MORE MORE!”

annonymous - ReverbNation Crowd review

“From first to last note “Show Me The Way” hits hard with a force few other bands have been able to accomplish. PULSE, is one such band that I feel will make it big in the music scene”

“As I sit here honored that I am writing this review I must say to all you national acts out there that would have Pulse open up for you. Its as simple as this ,bring your A game because they will and one day you will be opening up for them!”

“Pulse: Introduced myself as a crazy nobody, and they were polite & then BAM! Amazing crazy on stage.. the energy they pulled together as a band was phenomenal, not to mention the dueling guitars”

“I can say that Tulsa was impressed most with Pulse than any other bands that night, Pulse had a great impact on our venue”

“Pulse took the stage and just nailed it...with such a high energy that could not compare to any national act.”

“On July 29th of this year I had a show booked, "Trapt and Pulse." This was the first time I were to see Pulse. I plan on doing more shows with them and I really look forward to watching them reach the goal of all musicians and that is making it to the top. This is one band you all need to keep your eye on. ”

“If straight forward Rock is your first choice then "Pulse" will not disapoint, at all. With sounds between "Disturbed" amongst others these guys rock.”

“Pulse not only is the real rock, they are the real people. There is not one fake thing about any of them. They are who they are as individuals and together they do make a Pulse that you will not be able to ignore in the rock world”

"Blistering guitar work, melodic songs, diverse writing, Pulse has created an all around great rock CD. These guys are from Dallas and are making a name for themselves across the country already"

“I personally was blown away by their consistency of humbleness and loyalty to their fans and family including the bands! These guys have quite a lot in front of them and they are taking it by the balls and running!”

“By far the hardest working band in all of DFW... other bands should take note”

"these five (Pulse) have masterfully crafted a sound that seems familiar, but fresh…a sound that feels intimate yet capable of blowing off stadium roofs. In a word: Huge –"

“A Pulse came to be where there was nothing before. It is their lifeblood and I really expect this band to make a large impact in Hard Rock.”

“Pulse is definitely making a bold statement with their energetic, hard-driving, melodic rock sound ”

"After listening to one song, a live recording, HearSay is already on the Pulse bandwagon."